The Railroad Job

Its time to get political

Evening Chummers, Myrad ere,
I have lost track of the last update I did. I could string you some bull about deep undercover missions or other such drek, but the reality is, I’ve been lazy. Anyway, I’m a lousy liar so if people ask me a direct question I normally don’t answer.

This run was a decidedly political event. Its a well known fact there is no such thing as clean politics, but when runners get involved it gets even messier.

But back to the job, MacAlister messengers me, and says to meet at the Howling Griffin down at Takoma. I havn’t been there ever I guess, but its a good place. One of the joints that breed goblin rock, and its a good place to go look for the new up and coming talent. But my guess is MacAlister is not after us to spot some talent, its probably the Ork underground link which is the real reason we are there.

Around when I arrive, I spot Mist in the crowds. She is with Dae. You know, Dae, Korean chick, works at a massage parlour, also supplies us with high explosives when we ask here nicely. Yes, that Dae. Anyway, I don’t think that she is into explosives this evening, she seem to be into having Mist stuffing stick her tongue into Dae’s ear (yuk)! A couple of minutes later this tall thin Ork lady walks purposefully in my direction. This gets my interest up, just as she walks up and says ‘evening Myrad, recognise me?’

Oozing Drek, its Dice! As an Ork!

I would never have recognised her, but as soon as I hear her talk, there is no doubt. I don’t know how she does it, but then she is a mage.

We group up and head for the club entrance, Shooter is about and so is Winter. No sign of Kaze, guess he is probably up to something else. I’m still thinking about Dice’s strange appearance, I nearly walk into the bouncer.

At the last moment, I realise where I am and stop to look down at the bouncer. I look and then realise I’m not looking into the toughs face, I’m looking into the toughs cleavage. He not a human, SHE is an Ork and is as tall I am! Drawing my eyes away from the excellent view, I look her in the eyes and flash her one of my chrome tusked smiles. “Sorry miss”, I apologise. Obviously the apology was accepted, as my head remained upon my shoulder and I got the card from Kat (the bouncette).

Note to self: Will certainly be spending some more time with Kat.

Anyway, we get shown to a private room and grab a drink. Both Winter & myself end up on Guinness. Mist leaves Dae in the crowds, while she is in for the meet.
When Mac arrives he sets it out plain & simple.
1. The metroplex doesn’t like the underground (we knew that)
2. The Ork underground is organising a rally promoting metahuman rights tomorrow noon at city hall (knew that)
3. Someone in the metroplex gave the humanis policlub permission to hold a counter rally at the same time next door (didn’t know that, but it sounds rather fishy)
4. There are unofficial ties between the metroplex and policlub (clearly)
5. Mac feels that if a counciler were to turn up at the policlub rally and starts spouting the usual humanis hate speech, it would embarrass the metroplex and help strengthen the underground’s position

Sounds good me! Who is that sap we need to persuade?

The sap in question is a Congressman James Grey, right hand man & go-to-guy for Governor Brakhaven. Usual upstanding guy: wife, kid, perfect record. The file we had however shows he is suspected to have a mistress, a ‘Naomi Wilson’.
We all head off the plan & do some groundwork. Mist disappears commenting that she cannot keep Dae waiting, they have a hotel appointment later. <sigh> That girl is messed up.

Running though the facts gave us the following:
1. James Grey is going to be hard to get to
2. He has a 4 man KE security detail following him, and his driver is a metroplex guard & ex UCAS army
3. The mistress seems to be the weak link: Naomi Wilson is a waitress at the needle and used to be a call girl. It appears that she lives somewhere in Auburn.

Mist reappears looking very happy for herself and mentions that Dae knows Naomi Wilson. Once she give me a comm-code its less than a minute for me to track down the address and other information.

4. We have a unit number and know the block has high security. Its a condo with on site security and possible magic backup.

We head over to Auburn and check out the area. Its medium security, but the condo’s security is certainly high, reports Shooter. Yet again Joe Martin from Horizon NewsNet somehow finds us and asks us for a scoop. That drek head still hasn’t figured out that we hate his guts. Still its a good idea. We drop a note to Athena at KSAF, telling her to make sure she is covering the two rally’s as there is going to be interesting stuff happening.
While everyone is figuring out the best way to get into the place, I’m checking out Naomi’s comlink. I’m no expert at breaking into comlinks, but the protection on this comlink is laughable. It seems that Naomi has been seeing James Grey for a few months, its the usual story. “He swept her off her feet, promised her everything, said he would leave his wife for her, etc, etc, etc… but she is becoming disillusioned with him.” But the best bit: is he is due to come over later tonight and stay the night.

We are in!

Winter decides the direct approach is the best way to get in. He walks up to the main door, I spoof the door a passkey taken from Naomi’s comlink. As soon as he is in Winter stuns the two guards in the main lobby. I grab one of the guard’s comlinks, and quickly override the biomonitor which is shrieking ‘emergency’. It appears there are two more guards on patrol around the building. Shooter puts on one of the uniforms while I drag the unconscious bodies down to the basement and Winter and Dice stealth up and go hunting for the security guards. When the guards go down, I have plugged directly into the building security machine and override the biomonitor signals.

Winter & Dice go up and persuade/threaten Naomi to cooperate. Apparently she is willing to co-operate, as she wants to get rid of the insincere congressman.

After that its all clockwork: Congressman arrives, walks past the ‘new’ security, and goes up to the mistress. They have a happy evening together. He falls asleep. She sneaks off. Winter & Dice spend a couple of hours doing some magic over sleeping beauty. Next morning congressman wakes up, is collected by his driver and goes to the ralley. Congressman speaks at the humanis ralley using hate messages which would make the most grizzled sailor blush. A riot happens. The KE riot squad neuro-stun the area. Media have a field day. We collect our pay.

There was a small matter of a few security guards found in various states of undress in the basement of the apartment they were meant to be guarding. But the camera log’s didn’t show anything as it appears one of the guards used their comlink to wipe them (or so it appeared).

I also had to explain to Tosh Apec (troll KE), this I would not confirm/deny any involvement with this gig. (Like I said, I’m a poor liar, so I just refuse to admit anything).

Until next time chummer,

OOC: 12K pay + 5K bonus + 1K from Athena + 1 street cred + 6 karma

Rush to Wait and Wait to Rush

Afternoon Chummers, Myrad ere,

It seems I didn’t let you know how the whole Postman business ended. After all the high drama of the theft and escape using a T-Bird, its was just about impossible to top that.

In fact the close was so boring its hardly worth talking about. Most of it was waiting, planning, waiting and a little bit of shooting. I heard the expression ‘rush to wait and wait to rush’ from an army boy. It certainly sounded like that.

After we finished negotiating on the Song of Somalia. The captain arranged for us to spend a couple of nights at one of the business hotels (I forget the name now), as members of the ‘Somali trade delegation’.
I mean: a teenage kid, a Scandinavian lady, an Ork with an English accent! I don’t think anyone really bothered to check to hard.

Anyway Link is back to his usual self (annoying) and his usual tricks (hacking the main system just to pay the bill). Dice reminds us of the last part of the job. Activate the postmans comlink and deal with whoever tracks it down.
There was a matter about getting Link to wipe all traces of the Postmans comlink, but that was more about just letting Kaze talk to him.

I did a matrix sweep and found a possible place marked off in the badlands, so Mist, Shooter and Myself headed out to do a eyeball surveillance, the rest holed up with the kid in the hotel rooms.
I heard from Smoke later that the kid was still whining about his missing underwear until someone mentioned room service. Apparently 10 seconds later, there is a knock on the door and someone delivers leopard skin Y-fronts of similar for the kid! I mean, he is that annoying!

Anyway, recon looks good, so we head back. Mist is playing with her personal heli, so she goes in via the roof landing pad. Shooter and me, we take the main entrance, since we is guest, right? Now life gets interesting. There are a couple of hard nosed japs in the main lobby. The have suits on, but even I can see the tattoos. We are not sure if they are interested in us, but it always pays to be cautious. I check their AR-details and cross reference with the hotel guest list and yep, there is are several Mr.Smith-San (or whatever the Japanese is for it), booked in the hotel a few floors below.

Rather than risk following us, we detour mid floor and end up visiting the ‘Happy landing’. It was a fun hour meeting some rather friendly elf ladies. I seem to remember Shooter burned his entertainment budget for the month, but it has to be one of the better ways to avoid trouble that we have done.
That reminds me, tonight I’m heading over to the Howling Griffin. Going to pickup Kat, the bouncett (door lady, whatever), after her shift and take her for a meal at the Rhino. Elves are cute and all the rest, but its like hugging a bag of bones. Give me a proper woman anyday.

The next day, the team goes to work setting up the ambush. The plan is simple: we take over an abandoned building to serve as the ‘Postmans hideout’ and turn on the comlink. We lot are either waiting in the building or at suitable sniper positions around the area.
However the planning went a little out of hand. I wont bore you with the details, but it ended up with:

  • Kaze sitting in the hotel room all day doing some ninja-face-sculpting stuff
  • Shooter spending a night camped just about motionless an a roof somewhere blending into the background
  • Mist setting up a sniper tent on another building and doing her strange things with her gun
  • Smoke and yours truly having to be locked in a hotel with the kid
  • Dice got in an argument with a street vendor over a rat burger

Actually I didn’t see the rat burger thing, but I gathered it from the logs.
Apparently Dice decided to find a chiphead to act at the postman and sit in the middle of the building. (Just in case they do astral recon I guess). So she finds and gets a suitable chiphead and then tries to get hit a bit to eat. (Dice is a nice lady, she always seems to try to help people, but this time it really went bad for here).

It goes a little like this:
Dice> Can I buy one of your burgers
Vendor> Frak off Slitch!
Dice> Please
Vendor> Frak off Slitch!
Dice> I just want a burger
Vendor> Frak off Slitch!

This goes on for a while until he eventually agrees, provided she eats one too.
Apparently this is not just any old Ratburger, but Elmo’s special burger with special sauce (reads ash from his stogie).
Dice agrees and manages to hold down the burger for all of 30 seconds before it all comes back up again.
See what I mean about Dice being a nice lady, and it just going against her.

Meanwhile, Kaze is still sorting out his face. Smoke and I are packing and the Kid is asking for a punch in the mouth (i.e. his normal annoying self).
When the door goes with more room service, I’m tired and just want it to be over, but Smoke is still sharp. He has his gun out and opens the door, the waiter is there with the covered tray.

Next thing I know, Smoke has popped the guy in the head twice!

I’m about to go mental, when I see the gun under the tray and I realise the waiter is a Jap. I’m not sure which Yak faction they were or why they decided to have a go at us, but it was time to move. While Smoke pulled the body in, I hacked the camera’s and put them on a loop. Then we just grabbed the bags and headed for the door when it was blasted off the hinges and a couple more Yak walked in.

In the next five seconds: Kaze came out of the room, I had got my gun out, Smoke had blasted the Yaks and the kid had wet himself!

Kaze grabbed the kid, who only just panicking, and we all hustled for the lift just in time to hit the building security. Kaze tried to explain, but they are not buying it. The kid flips and plunges the whole level into darkness. In the ensuing firefight, at least one of the building security gets killed. (Sorry Chummer, Dice had sent her spirit ‘Sif’ over to help, and when I told it to help Smoke who was wrestling with one of the guards, Sif decided that ‘help’ meant ‘strike down with lightning’)

Anyway, we hit the car and Link is still fuming so much, that he overrides me and drives the Car at top speed to the ambush site. At least he didn’t break too many traffic laws and by the time he gets there he is calm.

Anyway that’s it.

No, seriously! That’s it!

When the comlink goes active, the Vori turn up to catch the postman. They are dead before they even know what happened. There was little more to say, it was just slaughter.

A week later, I heard that Demetri was dead. One of the Vori decides that he is too old and losing control. I won’t miss him. But the Vori are still not happy with us, so we ended up keeping a low profile.

The pay from the Postman was not bad, 1.5 mil. But it was a messy mission and went on way too long. I’m hoping for a simple mission, or two. But something tells me it won’t work out that way.

Anyway, I’m off to the Griffin.

Later Chummers,

How (not) to steal from AAA corp

Ello Chummers, Myrad ere.

Consider this, if you wanted to steal from a AAA corporation which continually monitored the matrix for any matrix traffic related to them, how would you do it?

  • Dont try it?
  • Do everything face-to-face?
  • hire a team, but don’t tell them whats going on until 15 minutes before the event?

Yup, you can guess what happened this week to us, can’t you?

< I hope a certain corp doesn’t scan this article or yours truly & co are well and truly drekked. >

Kaze gets a call from the hot chick, Dae. The fixer ‘The Sphinx’ wants a team to perform an extraction. The team is to meet in the stairwell on the 30th floor of the Yojirushi building with all kit ready. That’s it, no other details.

Kaze does his thing and gets us a good price (20K¥/person) and then calls the team: yours truly, Dice, Smoke & Shooter. It appears that Mist was also arranged to provide overwatch.

So, we get to the building, and head up to the 30th floor. I cannot explain it, but everytime I went near the matrix, I had that funny feeling that someone might be watching me.

19:45 and we are all shacked up in the stairwell, just below the roof (Johnson’s orders, I dunno). Looking around its worrying, nobody likes waiting & not knowing whats going on.

But the shipments from the Song of Somalia also came in and thats even more worrying, it looks like we are loading for a drekking warzone!

I had a light machine gun and an Arachne in a gun bag. I saw a couple of suits of military grade armour, and as for Smoke. I started sweating when I saw what he had strapped to his back. A PANTHER!

If we knew what was going on, we could plan better, but we don’t and so everyone is loading for bear and then some.

Its around then we get the call. Our Johnson, Sphinx calls us. The full job is to perform an unwilling extraction. The target is Parker Acson, a Arcano Archaeologist, who is a new hire for the Horizon corporation. At 20:00 there is a welcome session for the new hire’s in Horizons main building next door.

Looks like this new hire is not staying for long, isit?

If this is a triple A’s HQ we had better not stay for too long either, assuming we value our lives.

It also explains the matrix paranoia I was developing, if its Horizon the information corp, there is a chance that they may even be listening in to this transmission!

So, this gives us 15 minutes to: figure out the plan, get over there, snatch the target and beat a hasty retreat. Great, just great.

A quick recon (its great to have control of a blimp floating several hundred meters above the skyline), reveals Horizon’s building has four drone racks (that’s about 20 drones) and four rooftop snipers (with stealth suits but no thermal masking, amateurs!)

So the plan is very quickly hashed together. Good plans take hours to get right, we didn’t have time to plan. Hopefully the big H doesn’t have time to work out a response to us.

Imagine the scene: a spirit carrying Dice and Myself across the 100 meter gap between the buildings. Smoke and Shooter firing grapple lines and flying fox across the gap. Kaze preparing to follow, and Mist on overwatch on the other building. All eyes on the balcony garden in Horizon Towers.

Impressive? Suitable for the Trids? Script writers for Carl Combat Mage hurriedly taking notes?

Drek, the lot of it!

We want to stay alive, so we don’t advertise. Everyone had a Ruthenium suit and Dice had her spirit hide us as well. You couldn’t spot us if we were touting a Panther cannon. Errr… forget what I just said.

The combat lasted all of 10 seconds, which is how is should be. Fast, surgical, quick in, quick out.

There must have been a good 50 people in there, but only a few actual security, light armour and light pistols.

Dice laid down a couple of stun balls which messed up a lot of the corp types, and all the new hires. I clipped a security guard with my Fubuki, but when you are loading stick-n-shock, you only need to clip them. There was something that looked like a dragon, but I think Dice said that it was just an illusion, and it went down to one of Dices stun balls.

There was one security guard who actually seemed to be able to respond in time, but Shooter/Smoke blew him into a bloody pulp with their assault rifles.

One of the corp types just totally ignored the stun ball that Dice dropped. That was a bad move! When everyone else around you goes down, and you just remain standing, you mark yourself as a tuff-nut. So what happens? Smoke whips out the Uber gun and Panthers the guy across the room! And when it only mortally wounds him, someone shoots him again.

Subtly moving around in total camouflage: good.
Panther cannoning senior corps: not good, not subtle, not very cool either.

Anyway in these 10 seconds, Mist has been busy with that lethal sniper rifle of hers and disposed of all the snipers and some of the drones. By the time we grab Parker, and zipline/spirit fly down to the ground, Mist has polished off all the drones and base jumped off the building.

Impressive? Trids? Carl Combat Mage?

Nope, we are still in stealth mode.

So it probably confused the bystanders at the bottom of the building, looking up at the noise & ziplines. Mind you, the confusion spell that Dice whipped up (or was it her spirit?) confused the bystanders even more. So we sneaked off in the riot. Good call Dice.

We hit one of Kaze’s safe houses and lie low for a while. We send a message to the Johnson “Goods acquired, awaiting location for delivery”, but we get no response. Funny? I would have thought that the Johnson would be waiting for our call.

By next morning, the Net is all full of the terrorist attack on Horizon towers and the killing of the VP of magical research! Drek!

This is the most publicity that any of us have had, except for the pictures of Leroy Sanders and his new girl friend (Dice).

But the thing that bothers us is that Mr Johnson is suspiciously silent and we are burning our hands trying to keep hold of a hot potato.

Talking of Potatoes, Peter (Kaze decided to call Parker Acson, Peter. I think this is probably a movie reference, Kaze loves to watch old movies), turns out to be a strange looking mage. He is obviously cybered (data jack & cyber eyes) and I spot a comlink in his head (thats a risk), and Dice says that he has cyber in his spine. Wired possible? And its all top of the line delta-grade cyber. I thought that mages didn’t like cyber, and he seems to have combat cyber. Weird!

Another strange thing, Peter seems remarkably calm about being snatched and is quite open to joining another corp. He says that he is glad we snatched him from the big H and doesn’t want to go back there. He even mentions Lawrence Nazire of the Atlantean Foundation by name, as a potential employer.

Rather than stay put and wait for the hit team to catch up with us, we decide to keep moving. We hole up in the Ork Underground till noon.

By noon, there is no word from the Sphinx, so its plan B. “Lets try to sell the goods.” Again, Peter is fine with this, and is sufficiently well behaved that we unlock him (this is very strange).

We end up talking to quite a few people, I won’t bore you with the details. It appears that the Sphinx got taken down by a Horizon hit team about two hours after hit. That explains why we had not heard from him. I might have felt sorry for the guy, but he left us with the hot potato, and I’m more interested in not joining him.

Somewhere along the line Peter mentions that he has a copy of the “Taljun Codex” in his head. Its some kind of pre-history book, sounds boring, but apparently it also has names of all the Ancient Dragons in it. At this point it was clear that our potato has become even hotter.

We met up with Lawrence Nazire. That was a risky meet: we think we were being watched. We met Morrow of the Draco Foundation. We met MacAllister at Underworld 93 and he introduced us to the owner, Perry. Perry was very interested in the codex and also wanted Winter too. (Forgot to mention, we pulled Winter in once we realised we needed all the help we could get. And what is this business with Winter and dragons too?) Kaze’s uncle told use that Lin Yan Chong who is a representative for the Yakuza Dragon Loong, also wanted the potato. Then a lizard man (serious) suddenly appears and introduced himself to us. His name is Simon Andrews, who happens to be a representative for another dragon, Lofwyr (boss of Saeder-Krupp). And this dragon wants to put in the offer for the goods.

The situation is that too many dragons know we have the goods, and whichever way this goes there is going to be several dragons unhappy with us. This makes for a very unhappy group of runners.

We have a chat with Peter on this matter, while driving off from the last meet. Peter is still suspiciously unbothered by this whole matter. He seems to spend a moment in though, but while he is thinking, my alerts go off! Peter’s internal comlink has suddenly squirted off a tiny data packet. I scramble across the matrix after it, but its too small to get a good lock on it. I see it heading downtown in the direction of Corporation Centre. That does it! We have played fair with the Acson guy, but it looks like this guy is not. Kaze stuns him as soon as I mention the packet. We also spot a KE tail. Coincidence? Not sure, but we lose the tail quick.

We decide the next thing to do is to try to find out what the truth is about this guy. I’m about to have in when Winter does hummanah-hummanah of whatever voodoo it is and grabs the guys head. Its quiet for a minute or so, and then he lets go and says ‘interesting’. He then tells us all that he needs to make a call to a dragon.

That’s the fourth dragon today! This is way beyond too drekking much!

A few minute later, we have to make a choice. Winter knows a guy, who knows a dragon, Swartzkoph, who is interested in the goods. That drek head is no longer a person any more. He seemed honest about working with us, but as soon as he pulls a stunt like that he became goods.

According to Winter, this is one of the moderate dragons. Funny that, I don’t think I would put the words ‘moderate’ and ‘dragon’ in the same sentence. At least he didn’t lie to us by using words like ‘friendly’ or ‘tame’. Englishman or not, Winter’s association with a big D is making me nervous. There is certainly something that Winter is not telling us about, but I think that sometimes it might be better NOT knowing on this one.

A quick vote around the team, says we go with the new D. I guess if Winter trusts it, then we can trust it. But I use the ‘trust’ word in the loosest possible way. I happen to like my current state, I.E. alive and not a small blackened outline.

Winter’s contact says to bring the goods to the airbase at Fort Lewis. We bring the goods, drop it off in a mana-coffin. Watch it get loaded onto a plane and fly off, collect our payment and lay very low for the next few days.

A few days later, we pop back and have a chat with Perry, the owner of Underworld 93. We still have the unreleased materials of Kisune, left over from a previous run. Kaze does his magic and gets not only a very good price for it, but also free access to Underworld 93, and that’s a good deal.

Overall, I would have been a lot happier without this mission. Winter said that the guy Parker Acson is actually a Luther Adams, deep cover agent for Horizon who was meant to be snatched and placed in a different organisation. I don’t get it, why do they want a mole in their organisation? Actually who cares: they paid the bills, they can figure out what to do with this mess.

This week I’m much too paranoid, the word is on the street that Myrad was part of the crew that took down a Horizon VP with a Panther Cannon and that’s not good for my rep. It’s even less good for my life expectancy. So I’ve decided to head on down to the Underground. I’ve owe Torrini for the time we were laying low in the Underground, and I can build up some goodwill and ’catch up with my roots’ as Hez puts it.

Later, Chummer!

Dude, where's my underwear?

“Situation normal. How are you guys doing?”
“Flight 4641, this is High Command. Patch me through to your system NOW!”
“Roger, Commander. #$%^& What do you mean we are unable to get a link? Commander, we are having technical difficulties”
“Flight 4641, I find your lack of cooperation disturbing”
“Commander, we are being hacked. We are losing… <kssshbzzt>”

Myst: (shouting) Kaze, what kind of a lame ass faceman are you?!

And so they are never gonna let me forget it.

Talking to Captain Rafiq of SMS Song of Somalia didn’t help either.

“Song of Somalia, we request permission to land”
“Negative Flight 4641. You are being chased by corporate attack elements”
“Song of Somalia, is our authorization and authentication insufficient?”
“Flight 4641. They are sufficient. But you are being chased by corporate elements. We are neutral and will not be involved”
“Song of Somalia, this is an emergency”
“Flight 4641, that is your business. Veer away NOW
“Song of Somalia, we have damage, and if you do not allow us to land, we will crash into your side”
“Flight 4641. This ship can handle it”
“Song of Somalia, Can it also handle the t-bird that is following, chock full of munitions, with a missile malfunction and about to blow, that we are currently hacking into to gain control, crashing into your waterline as well?”
“… cursing in Swahilicursing in Aramaiccursing in Afrikaans… Flight 4641, you are bluffing”
“Song of Somalia, sure we are! Remember that when you hear the big kaboom. The earth-shattering kaboom.”
more cursing in several languages… Flight 4641, you have permission to land”

See what I mean?

Anyway, we landed to a warm reception, and had to wait for Captain Rafiq to receive us. During that time, the somewhat-broken Link regained consciousness with a throbbing shoulder, a terrible pain in his left buttcheek, and sans underwear. (Don’t ask)

As expected, Link immediately tried to hack everything. Without his commlink. Just proving a point that reflex sometimes can get the better of any man/woman/kid. Myrad and Dice managed to calm him down somewhat, with Myst trying to find out what happened to her KE squeeze.

Meanwhile, Captain Rafiq was a little mollified after we explained the situation and how close we were to blowing Smoke out of our ass. He then set his purser, Sameed, to cut a deal with us.

While Dice and I were bargaining to offload the T-bird to them (whole team agreed), Link started checking all his stuff to make sure all was in order. The paydata that he hacked for us only exists in three places: In the switched-off commlink in a bus station locker; in his missing underwear; and with his digital friend. And then he realized something.

Just as Dice & I closed the deal with Sameed for $750k cash & $750k in trade, we heard a howl coming from the T-bird.

“Dudes! Where’s my underwear?!”

Postman-5: How to steal a T-Bird

Ello Chummers, Myrad again,
The last few hours have been real crazy. I’ve half been expecting to see Carl Combat-Mage, appear around the corner. Its been like, well… some episode of a simsense.
I was having a look at the tacsofts report on all that was going on and I thought, “hell, why not”, so I cut up all the interesting bits of the footage and put it together. Have a look and you tell me if it looks like an add for Carl CM or sumthin like that.

Dice: Let me get this straight, you just shot down a Renraku T-Bird with your barrett and you think that we should just take this thing and fly it off from under Renraku’s nose?
Mist: Yes, no problem. Myrad you can fly it can’t you.
Myrad: ((Glazes for a second or two then replies)) Its going to be tight to get it off the ground…
Mist: See we can do it!
T-Bird lifts uneasily into the air,
Mist: ((to Myrad)) watch out for the building
Myrad: ((Sweating)) I’m trying to keep this thing aloft!
((sickening crash as the T-Bird hits the building and a rocket pod drops off))
Mist: Don’t bother…
Myrad: Ok folks, we are airborne! Where are we going to fly this to and hide it?
((Everyone looks at everyone else for a long time))
The postman: ((rolls his eyes)) OK, fly to these coordinates.
((T-Bird cruising along over Seattle))
Myrad: So let me get this straight, we fly to Seattle airport, claim engine problems.
((peers out the window at the smoking engine))
We then drop down below the radar and fly to this cargo ship and land in its hold.
((General consensus))
Myrad: that should be OK, now we are airborne
((AR-Comms)): T-Bird 451, this is Renraku command, respond please.
Mist: Just ignore it!
((AR-Window appears)): Attempted logon to controls from Ranraku HQ.
Myrad: Drek! No, we don’t want that! Mist take the controls!
((Mist, in the co-pilots seat grabs controls while Myrad fights to keep the rigger out))
Sea-tek flight control: T-Bird 451, come in please
Dice: bluff them
Mist: ((In English with thick Japanese accent)) Roger Sea-tek ((ccrrrrr)) we are having minor engine ((ssssshhhhh)) issues and communication ((bbzzzzzz))
((Dice face palms))
Sea-tek flight control: Roger T-Bird 451, please divert along new flight path away from downtown.
Dice: They believed you?
Myrad: The rigger is trying to come in again
Dice: keep him out
Smoke: ((On scanners)) There is a KE drone watching us.
Mist: Can it follow us
Smoke: No chance, we are way to fast for them
((AR-screen lights up))
Smoke: Hold it! I have a couple of T-Birds powering up at the Arcology
((Stock footage: 2 T-Birds, one with paramedics and one with a Red Samurai assault team loading up.))
The Postman: ((Talking to Dice)) Get the data from Link any way you can, then activate this comlink. Deal with the people who come after it.
Dice: ((Taking the comlink)) What about you?
The Postman: I still have to deliver the package
((He open the door and jumps out of the T-Bird))
Myrad: What going on back there?
Dice: I’ll tell you later.
Myrad: 7-minutes till airport, damm, the rigger again!
Dice: ((looking out of the window)) Err guys, there is an astral mage following us. He has the KE-logo on him.
Kaze: Patch me though to KE
((After a few minutes of arguing with KE on the presence of the mage, KE redirects the call to Renraku hi-com.))
Hi-Com: Commander, why is your vehicle not responding to our connections to is flight computer?
Kaze: Apologies commander, but we are having technical difficulties
Hi-Com: Well, your communications seem to be working fine now, patch our rigger through.
Kaze: ((looking to Myrad and giving the ‘cut-it’ gesture)) We seem to be having ….
((connection cut))
((AR-Window appears)) : Handshaking commencing…
Myrad: NO! NO! ((Returns to defending the system))
Myrad: 2-minutes till airport, I have cut all external links, there is no point in trying to pretend we are legit
Sea-tek flight control: T-Bird 451, please be advised that Renraku has marked you hostile. I don’t know whats going on, but…
Smoke: I have jets inbound, but there are a long way off.
Mist: What about the Archology
Smoke: Too far. Hold it, I have a Rak T-Bird and two Rak attack choppers just taking off from Sea-tek. They are intercept course.
Mist: Myrad, can you estimate a glide path for me so I can cut the T-Bird engines and glide to the rendezvous?
Myrad: Excuse me? This is a brick with short stubby wings. It cannot glide!
Mist: Just give me a path Myrad!
Myrad: ((Shrugs)) Ok.
((Combat rages around the T-Bird))
((Dice casts spells a the KE mage who falls back))
Smoke: Attack choppers are trying to get lock.
Mist: Jam them
Smoke: On it!
((The attack choppers fire miniguns at the T-Bird, Mist fly evasive manoeuvres and Dice gets thrown about in the back))
Myrad: You might want to hold on to something in the back
Dice: A little more notice please!
((Missile lock tone))
Smoke: SHIT!
Mist: Chaff!
((Chaff confuses the missile and Mist plunges the T-Bird towards the water making the missile sail past))
((Two T-Birds flying dangerously low over the sea))
Smoke: We are out of range of the choppers
Myrad: The Rak T-Bird is getting close.
Mist: I cannot keep dodging.
Dice: ((In Norse, pointing to the Rak T-Bird)) Sabotage that vehicle!
((A great black raven flys though astral and perches on the T-Bird, causing sparks and small fires throughout the T-Bird))
((In the Rak, T-Bird the missile targeting system reports))
Lock- Negative
Missile active- Positive
Missile launch- Negative
ETA to missile detonation- 5 seconds
((Renraku Rigger shouts Japanese insults at the targeting system))
Myrad: ((using AR)) Lets see if I can get into the Rak T-Bird…. Yes!
((Renraku rigger, attacks Myrad with large black jackhammer which Myrad evades))
Myrad: No time for anything fancy, where is it? Ah yes….
((Myrad finds the virtual control stick and pushes it down.
Looking at the Renraku rigger, Myrad gives his customary two-chrome-tusk-grin and waves goodbye.))
((The Renraku T-Bird flies straight into the water and goes a depth under, them the missile (still in the rocket pod) explodes))
Kaze: Permission to land?
AR-Communication: Welcome aboard
((A concealed pannel on the side of one of the cargo ships opens and the T-Bird flies into it.))

Ello Chummers, What you think?
I recon that guy with the tusks should be nominated for an acting award, don’t you?

Postman-4: The Legend of Zelda NOT

Omae, I really have to start writing a SOP for this group. Seriously.

Also, note to self, think carefully about how I want to use my voice of persuasion. But I digress.

After the last exciting episode when we found the missing Link, Postman realized in the hurry to extract, that no one scrubbed Dice’s location after she went down. So guess who got sent to scrub it with C-Sq and to watch our back trail?

I sent Myrad off with the truck and the crew sitting pretty whilst I mosey’d back to the safe house. Luckily I took my time to do a proper job of it. The fraggin T-bird was there with the other half of the ‘raku team + the officer type. There was a heavy assault element of ONE troll in heavy armor with a Panther. One thing I’ve learned, you need some serious intent to bring a troll down.

Our friendly neighbourhood KE shows up and has a dick-beating contest with the ’raku officer, then decided to bow out gracefully, leaving the field to the Reds.

After about 20-30 minutes, the officer, mage, and several regular types left the building and boarded the T-bird. Guess they spent the time checking out the damage and trying to track us or to get a link. They left about 2 peeps and the troll standing top watch with the Panther.

Postman sent me a burst with coordinates where to rendezvous with the team, so off I went to the Barrens. With one thing or another, I got there kinda late to find out the party already started. Seems the Reds managed to catch up with the team and were firing at my van in a skirmish line with some gangers. MY VAN. Frak.

I went ghost and sidled out, and saw the back door open with Mist doing her sniper on a rope impression. She managed to wing the officer I think. Meanwhile, the group PAN isn’t letting me in, so I just moved closer.

Just in time to suddenly have AROs popping up all over. One of them said ‘Mage heer’ in team ARO colors, so I took the shot. Took me two bursts though.

Anyway, after I showed up, things started swinging our way, though the new guy got my van trashed in the meanwhile. MY VAN. Frak. And where the frak is the T-bird? We started taking the Reds out right quick, though the new guy seemed to have some weird idea that there was a bomb under my van. <shrug> You meet all kinds…

We cleared the area, and while Shooter, Dice & Myrad settled, stabilized, and looted, Mist, new guy, and me started hunting T-bird. I called Jose from the Cutters to come watch my van while we settled business. Though he was kinda hesitant, I sweetened the pot with Red Devil loot and FOUR Reds. He seemed quite keen after that.

Leaving that part to take care of itself, we found the T-bird at the intersection a block down just as it was taking off. I told Myrad to try to crack it, and told Mist to take the shot if Myrad couldn’t get through.

Well, the main turbines were already spooling up when Myrad pinged to Mist to take the shot. She did. Omae, let me tell you, it was beautiful. The bird just started wobbling and just landed with a busted control surface. Paydirt!

The rigger tried to jam/block/shoot us, but we managed to persuade him to open the door. He tried the grenade thing on us, but Mist stopped him permanently. And that’s where I’m gonna stop to take a leak.

What? Oh yeah. So we’re now in the middle of the Barrens, sitting in a downed ’raku T-bird, while Myrad is hurrying over to try and fix it. Meanwhile, Dice and Shooter are finishing up stripping the van of portables while Cutters watch it for me.

Thing is, omae, how do we fly out of here? I guess we’ll have to wing it.


Ello Chummers, Myrad here.

I’m getting a bit worried now. Aside from the getting shot at business. When I first joined up with this crew, I was quite sure that they were a bunch of neophytes, and wouldn’t last long. There was constant arguing and infighting. The kids was being his annoying self and nothing was going right.

Over the last few months though, we started working an acting like a real team. Someone you could count on. But recently, it seems all falling apart again.

First, Kaze has to go an check out for people following us. Oi Chummer! The Raks are using a T-bird. Its not going to be easy to follow that. The postman gives us a job, ‘get the data out of the kid’. Simple enough.

We pull up in a quiet area in the barrens (having a slightly risky meet at the KE checkpoint) and get to work.

Mist tries to interrogate him, gets annoyed. The kid hacks the PAN, then Mist and Narco’s the kid. (Great start folks).

Shooter ties the kid up and strips him. Mist is busy watching the whole show. Don’t get that, I thought Mist wasn’t interested in guys, unless the KE double is recording it all as incriminating evidence.

I find a stealth tag stuck in the kids butt. Not being much of a surgeon (My training only goes as far as bullet extraction), I got the tag out but messily. We also found the kids data store. Get this, his boxers have a big button with a data store in it. And no encryption (professionalism? humbug!). I get the data out of it and wipe it.

To help with the interrogation, Mist decides to pump the kid full of Laes. Net result, the kids has no memory of the last 12 hours (Mist, wrong drug). But it seems to make the kid more helpful (reads less annoying). He says that the data is in his shorts (which Shooter ripped to shreds, so he’s not wearing them). But there is a copy with his ‘Sprite’? (Dunno what the drek that is, guess is a otaku-agent or something).

We are just getting somewhere when Paradox tells us that the whole of KE is looking for the van, and the T-bird lands a couple of blocks away.
Mist Narco’s the kid again and we run for it.

A couple of blocks later and the Rak’s are out in force searching the streets. They spot the van (I think their mage probably tracked us the same way Dice tracked the kid.) and open fire.

Notes to self: We are fragged big time! Both myself and Smoke are injured, Dice badly. We are all tired and running on adrenaline/soykaf (and I need my fix soon). Kaze is not here, he’s still watching for the people following us (Duh! They are right here chummer!)
We cannot fight this one out (not vs the T-bird). And fleeing is doesn’t look good either. Even if we get out of this one, the mage can probably track us down again.
Seriously wondering if killing the kid might kill the ‘sprite’ thingy too. But its probably not going to keep the Rak’s off us for long.


Afternoon Chummers, Myrad <ouch> here,
Got to be careful, the wounds are still tender.
I know, you are wondering what’s with the bandages, and doesn’t Dice usually patch people up pretty well.
Well today, Dice is the one who really needs patching right now, but a couple of up still have our bullet holes in us.

So what went wrong? Honestly, nothing! Its just the biz.

We has staked out the place, which the Postman had discovered was a Renraku safe house. Shooter found us a back door. Smoke tried to hack the electronics before he passed over to me.
Its weird that, they had a maglock with anti-taper devices, encrypted and data-bombed the lock so much, that I couldn’t sneeze in the node without setting alarms. And then? Then they put a paint tin with rocks on the door-jam to act as backup. High tech and stoneage tech on the same door!
Anyway, we are in.

Smoke and my Doberman watch the entrance while Shooter, Kaze and yours truly head down to the basement. Shooter is kicking on one of the doors just as a two Red Samurai patrol walks in front of Smoke.

Things get a bit chaotic then.

Over in ground floor, the Samurai try to take cover and hold a firefight with Smoke and the Doberman. Hello! Brainpower here! There is a drone with a LMG pumping APDS, and you try to take cover behind the wall! They give those Samurai some big armour and the guns are not bad (Smoke took a burst to the chest, it hurt). But after a few seconds they realised they were beat and fell back.

Downstairs, Shooter and Kaze dropped a couple of Sam’s and found Link. They stuck the kid into a Faraday Cage? Why didn’t the Renraku’s just grab his comlink off him? Hold that a moment chummer, its just come to me.

  • Link in a cage to block Wi-fi
  • Link doesn’t have a datajack which is a standard implant when you get a headware radio
  • Means, my money is on Link being one of those weird fraggers who doesn’t need a comlink
    Ok, that would fit the facts.

Doesn’t explain why he is so annoying, unless he thinks he is better than us, like some of the cocky teen mages.

Anyway, the guys have found Link, and its looking good when the boiler room falls off its hinges as a Steel Lynx rolls over the door. Its about three meters from me and there is an LMG aimed my way. DREK
The Samurai behind it, fires his assault rifle/battle rifle at me (I didn’t have time to spot what it was, I was getting out of the way) and plugs me good. Double DREK! After that I just arrowed the drone and Sam, and took off up the stairs.

Hey spare me the ‘Hero stands and fights on’ drek. I’m not a combat machine who can take down a Lynx with my Ares Predator, I’m a rigger/support. I was outclassed, and it was a run or die choice. I made the right call.

The real combat machines (Kaze and Shooter), took down the Lynx with a few bursts of fire, and the Samurai tries to hunker down. Until Kaze gets to him. They grab Link, (who seemed drugged, but still refusing to shut up), and fell back.

On the rooftops, Mist takes down two snipers with two bursts of her Barrett (I had to watch the feed twice to be sure, she shot two snipers who were about half a click apart in less than 2 seconds!)

A couple of Samurai somehow spot Dice on the nearby building and pump her full of bullets. I have no idea how they managed to spot her, but they did and she’s in a bad way right now.

Needless to say, Mist was not happy and they didn’t last much longer.

Around now a T-Bird is coming down out of the clouds. And everyone is in ‘get the frak out of dodge’ mode. I RC the van to the pickup point and we pile in. Smoke and I are bleeding freely. Dice doesn’t have enough blood left to bleed freely. Somehow (not sure how), the Postman RAN down the side of the building (weird shit).

Mission accomplished, we got Link. It hurt, and I don’t think the van was spotted.

But if Links a techno goon, where does that put us? And how do we crack his brain to get the data?

Off to see the wonderful wizard...NOT

Omae, don’t get me wrong, but writing down exploits is a sure way to piss off Johnsons and bring bad karma.

What? Ohhhh, you want the rep to garner more runs… Riiiight… So off we go then

Dice managed to data search the location where we could ‘link’ up. It’s an apartment building on the border of downtown Seattle. No other information forthcoming at the time though.

Ok, we set off in the van, all squashed up and cozy to go rescue the missing ‘link’. (Though personally, I look at it as dealing with our weakest ‘link’.)

The new guy Shooter seems to know his job so I think having another warm body in the way is a good thing. He will hereby be designated in my contact list under the NOT A LIABILITY column though I might be jumping the gun.

We get there, and Postman has gotten us a B&E guy for shits & giggles. Smoke he calls himself. Driving up all fancy like on a BMW bike in the bad part of town. Bad idea. But I’m not here to babysit. So.

Shooter got Myrad to scope out the sewage route to the building, while Myst and Dice went topside for a better view. They managed to spot a sniper covering the approaches, so good work at that.

Shooter went down the tunnels, but kinda got held up by a nest of devil rats. He went the long way around, though for a guy named Shooter, he really doesn’t seem to shoot. Managed to find the correct egress point, and found a service entrance with a SUV parked down the alley from it.

Meanwhile, Postman decided to throw a challenge at Smoke & me. ‘Impress me’ he said. Oooookay. I decided to ghost while Smoke went for the hobo look. We got made though, cos lo & behold! Sniper No. 2! Managed to spot that sucker after we broke contact.

Sitrep at this time. Two snipers covering approaches to building. SUV parked close to building. Service entrance found. No way to scan in cos Wifi-damped. Postman found out that building is Renraku property with all associated 0-tolerance. Oops. Looks like mommy & daddy wants to ‘link’ up. Dice so informed Postman about the ‘link’ with Renraku.

Action plan: Myst to counter-snipe. Postman & Dice to magic overwatch. The rest of us formed Team 1 and did a B&E, clearing out the nest of rats as an added bonus. Smoke and Myrad disabled the service entrance and in we went.

Dice sent a spirit to suss out the missing ‘link’, and reported a basement location with FOUR other unknowns. Myrad and Smoke on ground floor overwatch while Shooter and I plan to make our grand entrance, with a little boom boom to start the party.

What happens next? Omae, you won’t believe the shit…


Morning Chummers, Myrad here

There is some strange shit going on, no doubt.
Although it was only last night, that I was busy pleading with Wolverine security guards, that was really an auditor and was ment to be next to next door to a KE safe house, it seems like it was months ago. < Shrugs >

So, we are all in the Bulldog, heading back to the Postman’s safe-house. Mist says she will check the blood/tissue samples and she in on the AR doing some stuff. Kaze is driving and Dice is shotgun. I’m trying to stay awake while watching Mist do her stuff when suddenly Mist shouts ‘Shit! Its a trace!’
I hit AR and head over to her comlink, once I’m there I see what Mist up to she has a bunch of windows open into the KE database. NO SHIT, user account, not a hack! But more importantly there is a black ICE holding her connection open and a bunch of Trace program/wolves heading our way fast. I pull out my spoof and try to redirect the signal, but the ICE is not buying it. So Mist just turn off here comlink (good call). Just before it goes down, there is some message about account compromised and the window closes. Good thing I don’t use VR for most of my work.

I tell the others, while checking to make sure our PAN is clear. Kaze has a Ruger thunderbolt at Mist’s head and he is ready to blow her away. When she gets her thoughts clear, she gives us some drek about she has been sold out be her own side.

Hey chummer, get used to being an expendable asset, and not a employee. This is how it is.

Kaze is ready to blow her away and me to (if I was fast enough), the only thing that kept her alive was not the drek she spoke, but the fact that the Postman trusted her.

We get back to the safehouse, there is a new guy with the Postman, some Smoke guy. Seems familiar, but not sure where.

The postman takes our report and makes the call.

The data Link has is too valuable. We get it back or we unplug Link for good.

I’ve been on the go for about 30 hours, so I put all my agents on surveillance and crash for the next 5 hours. Dice is using some UCAS generic military magic gear to set up some ward. How does she keep going?
At 6.01am, I’m just starting to move and the soy-cafe machine is starting up. At 6.11am the Postman (who was also sleeping) goes from horizontal-sleeping to vertical-holding a soy-cafe in less than a second! (move by wire? beats me?)

Mist is really cranky. But none of us want to go near a KE double agent.

A while later Dice is back with the spirits report (Did she sleep more than a couple or hours?) and we have a location for Link, brownstone building, downtown.

We load up into the bulldog. There was a couple of assault rifles, my Doberman (AK-97+APDS) and some other serious hardware in the back. This is not going to be nice.

Note to self: If we hit even the slightest police problem along the way, the KE double will be getting a Ares Predator APDS in the head before I do anything else.
And Mist if you read this: We don’t trust you at all, live with it!


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