The Railroad Job

Its time to get political

Evening Chummers, Myrad ere,
I have lost track of the last update I did. I could string you some bull about deep undercover missions or other such drek, but the reality is, I’ve been lazy. Anyway, I’m a lousy liar so if people ask me a direct question I normally don’t answer.

This run was a decidedly political event. Its a well known fact there is no such thing as clean politics, but when runners get involved it gets even messier.

But back to the job, MacAlister messengers me, and says to meet at the Howling Griffin down at Takoma. I havn’t been there ever I guess, but its a good place. One of the joints that breed goblin rock, and its a good place to go look for the new up and coming talent. But my guess is MacAlister is not after us to spot some talent, its probably the Ork underground link which is the real reason we are there.

Around when I arrive, I spot Mist in the crowds. She is with Dae. You know, Dae, Korean chick, works at a massage parlour, also supplies us with high explosives when we ask here nicely. Yes, that Dae. Anyway, I don’t think that she is into explosives this evening, she seem to be into having Mist stuffing stick her tongue into Dae’s ear (yuk)! A couple of minutes later this tall thin Ork lady walks purposefully in my direction. This gets my interest up, just as she walks up and says ‘evening Myrad, recognise me?’

Oozing Drek, its Dice! As an Ork!

I would never have recognised her, but as soon as I hear her talk, there is no doubt. I don’t know how she does it, but then she is a mage.

We group up and head for the club entrance, Shooter is about and so is Winter. No sign of Kaze, guess he is probably up to something else. I’m still thinking about Dice’s strange appearance, I nearly walk into the bouncer.

At the last moment, I realise where I am and stop to look down at the bouncer. I look and then realise I’m not looking into the toughs face, I’m looking into the toughs cleavage. He not a human, SHE is an Ork and is as tall I am! Drawing my eyes away from the excellent view, I look her in the eyes and flash her one of my chrome tusked smiles. “Sorry miss”, I apologise. Obviously the apology was accepted, as my head remained upon my shoulder and I got the card from Kat (the bouncette).

Note to self: Will certainly be spending some more time with Kat.

Anyway, we get shown to a private room and grab a drink. Both Winter & myself end up on Guinness. Mist leaves Dae in the crowds, while she is in for the meet.
When Mac arrives he sets it out plain & simple.
1. The metroplex doesn’t like the underground (we knew that)
2. The Ork underground is organising a rally promoting metahuman rights tomorrow noon at city hall (knew that)
3. Someone in the metroplex gave the humanis policlub permission to hold a counter rally at the same time next door (didn’t know that, but it sounds rather fishy)
4. There are unofficial ties between the metroplex and policlub (clearly)
5. Mac feels that if a counciler were to turn up at the policlub rally and starts spouting the usual humanis hate speech, it would embarrass the metroplex and help strengthen the underground’s position

Sounds good me! Who is that sap we need to persuade?

The sap in question is a Congressman James Grey, right hand man & go-to-guy for Governor Brakhaven. Usual upstanding guy: wife, kid, perfect record. The file we had however shows he is suspected to have a mistress, a ‘Naomi Wilson’.
We all head off the plan & do some groundwork. Mist disappears commenting that she cannot keep Dae waiting, they have a hotel appointment later. <sigh> That girl is messed up.

Running though the facts gave us the following:
1. James Grey is going to be hard to get to
2. He has a 4 man KE security detail following him, and his driver is a metroplex guard & ex UCAS army
3. The mistress seems to be the weak link: Naomi Wilson is a waitress at the needle and used to be a call girl. It appears that she lives somewhere in Auburn.

Mist reappears looking very happy for herself and mentions that Dae knows Naomi Wilson. Once she give me a comm-code its less than a minute for me to track down the address and other information.

4. We have a unit number and know the block has high security. Its a condo with on site security and possible magic backup.

We head over to Auburn and check out the area. Its medium security, but the condo’s security is certainly high, reports Shooter. Yet again Joe Martin from Horizon NewsNet somehow finds us and asks us for a scoop. That drek head still hasn’t figured out that we hate his guts. Still its a good idea. We drop a note to Athena at KSAF, telling her to make sure she is covering the two rally’s as there is going to be interesting stuff happening.
While everyone is figuring out the best way to get into the place, I’m checking out Naomi’s comlink. I’m no expert at breaking into comlinks, but the protection on this comlink is laughable. It seems that Naomi has been seeing James Grey for a few months, its the usual story. “He swept her off her feet, promised her everything, said he would leave his wife for her, etc, etc, etc… but she is becoming disillusioned with him.” But the best bit: is he is due to come over later tonight and stay the night.

We are in!

Winter decides the direct approach is the best way to get in. He walks up to the main door, I spoof the door a passkey taken from Naomi’s comlink. As soon as he is in Winter stuns the two guards in the main lobby. I grab one of the guard’s comlinks, and quickly override the biomonitor which is shrieking ‘emergency’. It appears there are two more guards on patrol around the building. Shooter puts on one of the uniforms while I drag the unconscious bodies down to the basement and Winter and Dice stealth up and go hunting for the security guards. When the guards go down, I have plugged directly into the building security machine and override the biomonitor signals.

Winter & Dice go up and persuade/threaten Naomi to cooperate. Apparently she is willing to co-operate, as she wants to get rid of the insincere congressman.

After that its all clockwork: Congressman arrives, walks past the ‘new’ security, and goes up to the mistress. They have a happy evening together. He falls asleep. She sneaks off. Winter & Dice spend a couple of hours doing some magic over sleeping beauty. Next morning congressman wakes up, is collected by his driver and goes to the ralley. Congressman speaks at the humanis ralley using hate messages which would make the most grizzled sailor blush. A riot happens. The KE riot squad neuro-stun the area. Media have a field day. We collect our pay.

There was a small matter of a few security guards found in various states of undress in the basement of the apartment they were meant to be guarding. But the camera log’s didn’t show anything as it appears one of the guards used their comlink to wipe them (or so it appeared).

I also had to explain to Tosh Apec (troll KE), this I would not confirm/deny any involvement with this gig. (Like I said, I’m a poor liar, so I just refuse to admit anything).

Until next time chummer,

OOC: 12K pay + 5K bonus + 1K from Athena + 1 street cred + 6 karma


2 Karma for ya! =)

Its time to get political

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