The Railroad Job


Morning Chummers, Myrad here

There is some strange shit going on, no doubt.
Although it was only last night, that I was busy pleading with Wolverine security guards, that was really an auditor and was ment to be next to next door to a KE safe house, it seems like it was months ago. < Shrugs >

So, we are all in the Bulldog, heading back to the Postman’s safe-house. Mist says she will check the blood/tissue samples and she in on the AR doing some stuff. Kaze is driving and Dice is shotgun. I’m trying to stay awake while watching Mist do her stuff when suddenly Mist shouts ‘Shit! Its a trace!’
I hit AR and head over to her comlink, once I’m there I see what Mist up to she has a bunch of windows open into the KE database. NO SHIT, user account, not a hack! But more importantly there is a black ICE holding her connection open and a bunch of Trace program/wolves heading our way fast. I pull out my spoof and try to redirect the signal, but the ICE is not buying it. So Mist just turn off here comlink (good call). Just before it goes down, there is some message about account compromised and the window closes. Good thing I don’t use VR for most of my work.

I tell the others, while checking to make sure our PAN is clear. Kaze has a Ruger thunderbolt at Mist’s head and he is ready to blow her away. When she gets her thoughts clear, she gives us some drek about she has been sold out be her own side.

Hey chummer, get used to being an expendable asset, and not a employee. This is how it is.

Kaze is ready to blow her away and me to (if I was fast enough), the only thing that kept her alive was not the drek she spoke, but the fact that the Postman trusted her.

We get back to the safehouse, there is a new guy with the Postman, some Smoke guy. Seems familiar, but not sure where.

The postman takes our report and makes the call.

The data Link has is too valuable. We get it back or we unplug Link for good.

I’ve been on the go for about 30 hours, so I put all my agents on surveillance and crash for the next 5 hours. Dice is using some UCAS generic military magic gear to set up some ward. How does she keep going?
At 6.01am, I’m just starting to move and the soy-cafe machine is starting up. At 6.11am the Postman (who was also sleeping) goes from horizontal-sleeping to vertical-holding a soy-cafe in less than a second! (move by wire? beats me?)

Mist is really cranky. But none of us want to go near a KE double agent.

A while later Dice is back with the spirits report (Did she sleep more than a couple or hours?) and we have a location for Link, brownstone building, downtown.

We load up into the bulldog. There was a couple of assault rifles, my Doberman (AK-97+APDS) and some other serious hardware in the back. This is not going to be nice.

Note to self: If we hit even the slightest police problem along the way, the KE double will be getting a Ares Predator APDS in the head before I do anything else.
And Mist if you read this: We don’t trust you at all, live with it!


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