The Railroad Job


Ello Chummers, Myrad here.

I’m getting a bit worried now. Aside from the getting shot at business. When I first joined up with this crew, I was quite sure that they were a bunch of neophytes, and wouldn’t last long. There was constant arguing and infighting. The kids was being his annoying self and nothing was going right.

Over the last few months though, we started working an acting like a real team. Someone you could count on. But recently, it seems all falling apart again.

First, Kaze has to go an check out for people following us. Oi Chummer! The Raks are using a T-bird. Its not going to be easy to follow that. The postman gives us a job, ‘get the data out of the kid’. Simple enough.

We pull up in a quiet area in the barrens (having a slightly risky meet at the KE checkpoint) and get to work.

Mist tries to interrogate him, gets annoyed. The kid hacks the PAN, then Mist and Narco’s the kid. (Great start folks).

Shooter ties the kid up and strips him. Mist is busy watching the whole show. Don’t get that, I thought Mist wasn’t interested in guys, unless the KE double is recording it all as incriminating evidence.

I find a stealth tag stuck in the kids butt. Not being much of a surgeon (My training only goes as far as bullet extraction), I got the tag out but messily. We also found the kids data store. Get this, his boxers have a big button with a data store in it. And no encryption (professionalism? humbug!). I get the data out of it and wipe it.

To help with the interrogation, Mist decides to pump the kid full of Laes. Net result, the kids has no memory of the last 12 hours (Mist, wrong drug). But it seems to make the kid more helpful (reads less annoying). He says that the data is in his shorts (which Shooter ripped to shreds, so he’s not wearing them). But there is a copy with his ‘Sprite’? (Dunno what the drek that is, guess is a otaku-agent or something).

We are just getting somewhere when Paradox tells us that the whole of KE is looking for the van, and the T-bird lands a couple of blocks away.
Mist Narco’s the kid again and we run for it.

A couple of blocks later and the Rak’s are out in force searching the streets. They spot the van (I think their mage probably tracked us the same way Dice tracked the kid.) and open fire.

Notes to self: We are fragged big time! Both myself and Smoke are injured, Dice badly. We are all tired and running on adrenaline/soykaf (and I need my fix soon). Kaze is not here, he’s still watching for the people following us (Duh! They are right here chummer!)
We cannot fight this one out (not vs the T-bird). And fleeing is doesn’t look good either. Even if we get out of this one, the mage can probably track us down again.
Seriously wondering if killing the kid might kill the ‘sprite’ thingy too. But its probably not going to keep the Rak’s off us for long.


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