The Railroad Job

Postman-4: The Legend of Zelda NOT

Omae, I really have to start writing a SOP for this group. Seriously.

Also, note to self, think carefully about how I want to use my voice of persuasion. But I digress.

After the last exciting episode when we found the missing Link, Postman realized in the hurry to extract, that no one scrubbed Dice’s location after she went down. So guess who got sent to scrub it with C-Sq and to watch our back trail?

I sent Myrad off with the truck and the crew sitting pretty whilst I mosey’d back to the safe house. Luckily I took my time to do a proper job of it. The fraggin T-bird was there with the other half of the ‘raku team + the officer type. There was a heavy assault element of ONE troll in heavy armor with a Panther. One thing I’ve learned, you need some serious intent to bring a troll down.

Our friendly neighbourhood KE shows up and has a dick-beating contest with the ’raku officer, then decided to bow out gracefully, leaving the field to the Reds.

After about 20-30 minutes, the officer, mage, and several regular types left the building and boarded the T-bird. Guess they spent the time checking out the damage and trying to track us or to get a link. They left about 2 peeps and the troll standing top watch with the Panther.

Postman sent me a burst with coordinates where to rendezvous with the team, so off I went to the Barrens. With one thing or another, I got there kinda late to find out the party already started. Seems the Reds managed to catch up with the team and were firing at my van in a skirmish line with some gangers. MY VAN. Frak.

I went ghost and sidled out, and saw the back door open with Mist doing her sniper on a rope impression. She managed to wing the officer I think. Meanwhile, the group PAN isn’t letting me in, so I just moved closer.

Just in time to suddenly have AROs popping up all over. One of them said ‘Mage heer’ in team ARO colors, so I took the shot. Took me two bursts though.

Anyway, after I showed up, things started swinging our way, though the new guy got my van trashed in the meanwhile. MY VAN. Frak. And where the frak is the T-bird? We started taking the Reds out right quick, though the new guy seemed to have some weird idea that there was a bomb under my van. <shrug> You meet all kinds…

We cleared the area, and while Shooter, Dice & Myrad settled, stabilized, and looted, Mist, new guy, and me started hunting T-bird. I called Jose from the Cutters to come watch my van while we settled business. Though he was kinda hesitant, I sweetened the pot with Red Devil loot and FOUR Reds. He seemed quite keen after that.

Leaving that part to take care of itself, we found the T-bird at the intersection a block down just as it was taking off. I told Myrad to try to crack it, and told Mist to take the shot if Myrad couldn’t get through.

Well, the main turbines were already spooling up when Myrad pinged to Mist to take the shot. She did. Omae, let me tell you, it was beautiful. The bird just started wobbling and just landed with a busted control surface. Paydirt!

The rigger tried to jam/block/shoot us, but we managed to persuade him to open the door. He tried the grenade thing on us, but Mist stopped him permanently. And that’s where I’m gonna stop to take a leak.

What? Oh yeah. So we’re now in the middle of the Barrens, sitting in a downed ’raku T-bird, while Myrad is hurrying over to try and fix it. Meanwhile, Dice and Shooter are finishing up stripping the van of portables while Cutters watch it for me.

Thing is, omae, how do we fly out of here? I guess we’ll have to wing it.



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