The Railroad Job

Postman-5: How to steal a T-Bird

Ello Chummers, Myrad again,
The last few hours have been real crazy. I’ve half been expecting to see Carl Combat-Mage, appear around the corner. Its been like, well… some episode of a simsense.
I was having a look at the tacsofts report on all that was going on and I thought, “hell, why not”, so I cut up all the interesting bits of the footage and put it together. Have a look and you tell me if it looks like an add for Carl CM or sumthin like that.

Dice: Let me get this straight, you just shot down a Renraku T-Bird with your barrett and you think that we should just take this thing and fly it off from under Renraku’s nose?
Mist: Yes, no problem. Myrad you can fly it can’t you.
Myrad: ((Glazes for a second or two then replies)) Its going to be tight to get it off the ground…
Mist: See we can do it!
T-Bird lifts uneasily into the air,
Mist: ((to Myrad)) watch out for the building
Myrad: ((Sweating)) I’m trying to keep this thing aloft!
((sickening crash as the T-Bird hits the building and a rocket pod drops off))
Mist: Don’t bother…
Myrad: Ok folks, we are airborne! Where are we going to fly this to and hide it?
((Everyone looks at everyone else for a long time))
The postman: ((rolls his eyes)) OK, fly to these coordinates.
((T-Bird cruising along over Seattle))
Myrad: So let me get this straight, we fly to Seattle airport, claim engine problems.
((peers out the window at the smoking engine))
We then drop down below the radar and fly to this cargo ship and land in its hold.
((General consensus))
Myrad: that should be OK, now we are airborne
((AR-Comms)): T-Bird 451, this is Renraku command, respond please.
Mist: Just ignore it!
((AR-Window appears)): Attempted logon to controls from Ranraku HQ.
Myrad: Drek! No, we don’t want that! Mist take the controls!
((Mist, in the co-pilots seat grabs controls while Myrad fights to keep the rigger out))
Sea-tek flight control: T-Bird 451, come in please
Dice: bluff them
Mist: ((In English with thick Japanese accent)) Roger Sea-tek ((ccrrrrr)) we are having minor engine ((ssssshhhhh)) issues and communication ((bbzzzzzz))
((Dice face palms))
Sea-tek flight control: Roger T-Bird 451, please divert along new flight path away from downtown.
Dice: They believed you?
Myrad: The rigger is trying to come in again
Dice: keep him out
Smoke: ((On scanners)) There is a KE drone watching us.
Mist: Can it follow us
Smoke: No chance, we are way to fast for them
((AR-screen lights up))
Smoke: Hold it! I have a couple of T-Birds powering up at the Arcology
((Stock footage: 2 T-Birds, one with paramedics and one with a Red Samurai assault team loading up.))
The Postman: ((Talking to Dice)) Get the data from Link any way you can, then activate this comlink. Deal with the people who come after it.
Dice: ((Taking the comlink)) What about you?
The Postman: I still have to deliver the package
((He open the door and jumps out of the T-Bird))
Myrad: What going on back there?
Dice: I’ll tell you later.
Myrad: 7-minutes till airport, damm, the rigger again!
Dice: ((looking out of the window)) Err guys, there is an astral mage following us. He has the KE-logo on him.
Kaze: Patch me though to KE
((After a few minutes of arguing with KE on the presence of the mage, KE redirects the call to Renraku hi-com.))
Hi-Com: Commander, why is your vehicle not responding to our connections to is flight computer?
Kaze: Apologies commander, but we are having technical difficulties
Hi-Com: Well, your communications seem to be working fine now, patch our rigger through.
Kaze: ((looking to Myrad and giving the ‘cut-it’ gesture)) We seem to be having ….
((connection cut))
((AR-Window appears)) : Handshaking commencing…
Myrad: NO! NO! ((Returns to defending the system))
Myrad: 2-minutes till airport, I have cut all external links, there is no point in trying to pretend we are legit
Sea-tek flight control: T-Bird 451, please be advised that Renraku has marked you hostile. I don’t know whats going on, but…
Smoke: I have jets inbound, but there are a long way off.
Mist: What about the Archology
Smoke: Too far. Hold it, I have a Rak T-Bird and two Rak attack choppers just taking off from Sea-tek. They are intercept course.
Mist: Myrad, can you estimate a glide path for me so I can cut the T-Bird engines and glide to the rendezvous?
Myrad: Excuse me? This is a brick with short stubby wings. It cannot glide!
Mist: Just give me a path Myrad!
Myrad: ((Shrugs)) Ok.
((Combat rages around the T-Bird))
((Dice casts spells a the KE mage who falls back))
Smoke: Attack choppers are trying to get lock.
Mist: Jam them
Smoke: On it!
((The attack choppers fire miniguns at the T-Bird, Mist fly evasive manoeuvres and Dice gets thrown about in the back))
Myrad: You might want to hold on to something in the back
Dice: A little more notice please!
((Missile lock tone))
Smoke: SHIT!
Mist: Chaff!
((Chaff confuses the missile and Mist plunges the T-Bird towards the water making the missile sail past))
((Two T-Birds flying dangerously low over the sea))
Smoke: We are out of range of the choppers
Myrad: The Rak T-Bird is getting close.
Mist: I cannot keep dodging.
Dice: ((In Norse, pointing to the Rak T-Bird)) Sabotage that vehicle!
((A great black raven flys though astral and perches on the T-Bird, causing sparks and small fires throughout the T-Bird))
((In the Rak, T-Bird the missile targeting system reports))
Lock- Negative
Missile active- Positive
Missile launch- Negative
ETA to missile detonation- 5 seconds
((Renraku Rigger shouts Japanese insults at the targeting system))
Myrad: ((using AR)) Lets see if I can get into the Rak T-Bird…. Yes!
((Renraku rigger, attacks Myrad with large black jackhammer which Myrad evades))
Myrad: No time for anything fancy, where is it? Ah yes….
((Myrad finds the virtual control stick and pushes it down.
Looking at the Renraku rigger, Myrad gives his customary two-chrome-tusk-grin and waves goodbye.))
((The Renraku T-Bird flies straight into the water and goes a depth under, them the missile (still in the rocket pod) explodes))
Kaze: Permission to land?
AR-Communication: Welcome aboard
((A concealed pannel on the side of one of the cargo ships opens and the T-Bird flies into it.))

Ello Chummers, What you think?
I recon that guy with the tusks should be nominated for an acting award, don’t you?



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