The Railroad Job

Rush to Wait and Wait to Rush

Afternoon Chummers, Myrad ere,

It seems I didn’t let you know how the whole Postman business ended. After all the high drama of the theft and escape using a T-Bird, its was just about impossible to top that.

In fact the close was so boring its hardly worth talking about. Most of it was waiting, planning, waiting and a little bit of shooting. I heard the expression ‘rush to wait and wait to rush’ from an army boy. It certainly sounded like that.

After we finished negotiating on the Song of Somalia. The captain arranged for us to spend a couple of nights at one of the business hotels (I forget the name now), as members of the ‘Somali trade delegation’.
I mean: a teenage kid, a Scandinavian lady, an Ork with an English accent! I don’t think anyone really bothered to check to hard.

Anyway Link is back to his usual self (annoying) and his usual tricks (hacking the main system just to pay the bill). Dice reminds us of the last part of the job. Activate the postmans comlink and deal with whoever tracks it down.
There was a matter about getting Link to wipe all traces of the Postmans comlink, but that was more about just letting Kaze talk to him.

I did a matrix sweep and found a possible place marked off in the badlands, so Mist, Shooter and Myself headed out to do a eyeball surveillance, the rest holed up with the kid in the hotel rooms.
I heard from Smoke later that the kid was still whining about his missing underwear until someone mentioned room service. Apparently 10 seconds later, there is a knock on the door and someone delivers leopard skin Y-fronts of similar for the kid! I mean, he is that annoying!

Anyway, recon looks good, so we head back. Mist is playing with her personal heli, so she goes in via the roof landing pad. Shooter and me, we take the main entrance, since we is guest, right? Now life gets interesting. There are a couple of hard nosed japs in the main lobby. The have suits on, but even I can see the tattoos. We are not sure if they are interested in us, but it always pays to be cautious. I check their AR-details and cross reference with the hotel guest list and yep, there is are several Mr.Smith-San (or whatever the Japanese is for it), booked in the hotel a few floors below.

Rather than risk following us, we detour mid floor and end up visiting the ‘Happy landing’. It was a fun hour meeting some rather friendly elf ladies. I seem to remember Shooter burned his entertainment budget for the month, but it has to be one of the better ways to avoid trouble that we have done.
That reminds me, tonight I’m heading over to the Howling Griffin. Going to pickup Kat, the bouncett (door lady, whatever), after her shift and take her for a meal at the Rhino. Elves are cute and all the rest, but its like hugging a bag of bones. Give me a proper woman anyday.

The next day, the team goes to work setting up the ambush. The plan is simple: we take over an abandoned building to serve as the ‘Postmans hideout’ and turn on the comlink. We lot are either waiting in the building or at suitable sniper positions around the area.
However the planning went a little out of hand. I wont bore you with the details, but it ended up with:

  • Kaze sitting in the hotel room all day doing some ninja-face-sculpting stuff
  • Shooter spending a night camped just about motionless an a roof somewhere blending into the background
  • Mist setting up a sniper tent on another building and doing her strange things with her gun
  • Smoke and yours truly having to be locked in a hotel with the kid
  • Dice got in an argument with a street vendor over a rat burger

Actually I didn’t see the rat burger thing, but I gathered it from the logs.
Apparently Dice decided to find a chiphead to act at the postman and sit in the middle of the building. (Just in case they do astral recon I guess). So she finds and gets a suitable chiphead and then tries to get hit a bit to eat. (Dice is a nice lady, she always seems to try to help people, but this time it really went bad for here).

It goes a little like this:
Dice> Can I buy one of your burgers
Vendor> Frak off Slitch!
Dice> Please
Vendor> Frak off Slitch!
Dice> I just want a burger
Vendor> Frak off Slitch!

This goes on for a while until he eventually agrees, provided she eats one too.
Apparently this is not just any old Ratburger, but Elmo’s special burger with special sauce (reads ash from his stogie).
Dice agrees and manages to hold down the burger for all of 30 seconds before it all comes back up again.
See what I mean about Dice being a nice lady, and it just going against her.

Meanwhile, Kaze is still sorting out his face. Smoke and I are packing and the Kid is asking for a punch in the mouth (i.e. his normal annoying self).
When the door goes with more room service, I’m tired and just want it to be over, but Smoke is still sharp. He has his gun out and opens the door, the waiter is there with the covered tray.

Next thing I know, Smoke has popped the guy in the head twice!

I’m about to go mental, when I see the gun under the tray and I realise the waiter is a Jap. I’m not sure which Yak faction they were or why they decided to have a go at us, but it was time to move. While Smoke pulled the body in, I hacked the camera’s and put them on a loop. Then we just grabbed the bags and headed for the door when it was blasted off the hinges and a couple more Yak walked in.

In the next five seconds: Kaze came out of the room, I had got my gun out, Smoke had blasted the Yaks and the kid had wet himself!

Kaze grabbed the kid, who only just panicking, and we all hustled for the lift just in time to hit the building security. Kaze tried to explain, but they are not buying it. The kid flips and plunges the whole level into darkness. In the ensuing firefight, at least one of the building security gets killed. (Sorry Chummer, Dice had sent her spirit ‘Sif’ over to help, and when I told it to help Smoke who was wrestling with one of the guards, Sif decided that ‘help’ meant ‘strike down with lightning’)

Anyway, we hit the car and Link is still fuming so much, that he overrides me and drives the Car at top speed to the ambush site. At least he didn’t break too many traffic laws and by the time he gets there he is calm.

Anyway that’s it.

No, seriously! That’s it!

When the comlink goes active, the Vori turn up to catch the postman. They are dead before they even know what happened. There was little more to say, it was just slaughter.

A week later, I heard that Demetri was dead. One of the Vori decides that he is too old and losing control. I won’t miss him. But the Vori are still not happy with us, so we ended up keeping a low profile.

The pay from the Postman was not bad, 1.5 mil. But it was a messy mission and went on way too long. I’m hoping for a simple mission, or two. But something tells me it won’t work out that way.

Anyway, I’m off to the Griffin.

Later Chummers,



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