The Railroad Job

SRM 04-01 Showdown at the Goblin Corral

What The Frag

From the Journal of Winter

This night just keeps getting weirder. So we completed delivery of the fragging construction materials. No fragging idea why we were even attacked by Halloweeners for sodding construction materials. Task one done.

Task two, deliver medical supplies to St. Mary’s. It’s a shelter in the Ork Underground. Simple enough right? Wrong again, we got ambush. By ghouls. Still, that new guy Shooter seems to have a pretty keen sixth sense about these kind of things. Null sweat, we dealt with the 4 ghouls forthwith, and Kaze seemed to have endeared himself to the little ork kids hanging around St Mary’s.

Task three, resolve the situation at the Goblin Market. Turns out the Goblin Market used to be Skraacha territory, now with their attention diverted by the conflicts with the topside gangs, the Bot’Kham have moved into the Goblin Market. I wanted to just kill all the Bot’Kham, the rest overruled me, so we ended with an old fashioned staredown. Us on one side, 15 Bot’Kham on the other side, fingers twitching, tensions tight.. the situation was deconflicted, after a warning shot through the leader’s mohawk from Mist’s Barrett, and a rousing show of solidarity from the Goblin Market vendors carrying firearms. I can hear the stirring orchestral soundtrack in the background even now.

Three tasks down, we returned to Torinni and waited for him to fulfill his end of the deal. I was half expecting a double cross, but he actually came through. Junior arrived, and he/she/it.. turned out to be a free Spirit. What. The. Frag. ? Right. Whatever. Dice and I scanned Junior on the Astral. No fragging way we could take Junior. So much for taking Junior into custody for Knight Errant. Fortunately, Junior had a counter proposal. The drekking spirit wanted out of it’s current identity, it had gotten too… high profile. Right. Whatever. Personally, I think it was just bored of its current identity but hey, what I think doesn’t matter. It wanted out, it had a plan to fake it’s death and come up with a way for us to cash in where we would have zero chance without it. So, right, we went along with the plan.

Junior provided a fake body, we staged a showdown with some ghouls.. and bingo. Mob boss killed by ghouls while conducting a black market trade. Crime never pays right chummer? Except for us.

We turned in the fake body to Athack, cashed in the bounty for the ghouls, and got paid by Athack, Junior, and made a few friends in the Ork Underground. Still as I said, weird night.


Mist’s Barrett even.


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