Betsy and Betty Ross

Ork razorgirls who hire themselves out a bodyguards


Name: Betsy and Betty Ross
Faction: Ork Underground
Sex/Race: Female ork
Connection Rating: 2
Loyalty: 1-4

Key Active Skills: Athletics Skill Group 3, Biotech Skill Group 2, Close Combat Skill Group 3, Firearms Skill Group 3, Influence Skill Group 1, Intimidation 4, Throwing Weapons 3

Knowledge Skills: Gang ID 4, Gang Territory 4, Hot Clubs 6, Or’zet 4, Ork Underground 6, Magic Items 2, Security Procedures 2

Uses: Socialite news, media rumors, street rumors, Ork Underground news, VIP rumors, security rmors

Places to Meet: Big Rhino, an event, local clubs, the Tourist Highway


Betsy and Becky are sisters who work together as bodyguards. They’re attractive for ork girls, having coffee colored skin, dark hair and dark eyes. They’re normally dressed in tight leathers and secure jackets, which accentuates their athletic, muscular bodies. They have been working long enough to have learned to keep their mouths shut, and to quickly follow orders efficiently and quietly. When they knock off work they like to head down to the nearest nightclub or bar to party away the night, especially if it is hosting one of their favorite boy bands. If there are any attractive men in the runner team, especially ork men, and no violence has yet occurred then these girls will eye off the guys and send them a wink or two during the discussions.

Betsy and Betty Ross

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