Detective Tosh Athack

Male troll Knight Errant detective


Name: Theodore “Tosh” Athack
Faction: Knight Errant
Sex/Race: Male troll
Connection Rating: 3
Loyalty: 1-2

Key Active Skills: Athletics Skill Group 3, Close Combat Skill Group 4, Electronics Skill Group 3, Firearms Skill Group 4, Influence Skill Group 3, Intimidation (Interrogation), Perception 6

Knowledge Skills: Corporate Procedures 4, Crime Syndicates 5, Law 3, Police Procedures 5, Politics 3, Small-Unit Tactics 5, Street Gangs 5

Uses: Organized crime rumors, KE sting operations, corruption scandals, street rumors, corporate rumors, government rumors

Places to Meet: KE precints, City Hall, dive bars, coffin motels, doughnut joints, Soybucks


Some material taken from Shadowrun Mission Contacts List Season 4

Tosh is a Knight Errant detective and works their Special Crimes Division. He’s a troll, and one of the cleanest officers on KE’s payroll. Tosh likes to say that his retirement plan sucks, but he’s got a sweet gig while it lasts. He’s a quick study of human nature and is relishing the chance to flex his authority beyond departmental boundaries.

Tosh is a bit of a thug. A big troll, he tops 3 meters high, not counting his bull-like horns. He knows that trolls are expected to be stupid and will play on that stereotype. He’s been frequently cited for excessive force on the job, but he’s proven himself valuable and incorruptible enough to the department that he’s avoided demotion or suspension so far.

The Special Crimes Division was set up in early 2072 to handle the overload of cases that came with the transfer of jusrisdiction from Lone Star to KE. Their remit crosses departmental lines and the cases assigned to them tend to be the ones that the higher-up want to clean up quietly but forcefully. The officers of the Special Crimes Division walk softly but carry BIG guns.

Detective Tosh Athack

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