Male elven proprietor of the "Green Nymph" lore store in Snohomish [Seattle 2072, pg 106]


Name: Farshorn
Faction: None
Sex/Race: Male Elf
Connection Rating: 3
Loyalty: 1-6

Key Active Skills: Arcana 4, Artisan 6, Assenssing 4, Biotech Skill Group 3 Enchanting 4, Conjuring Skill Group 4, Influence Skill Group 3, Instruction 6, Outdoors Skill Group 3, Sorcery Skill Group 4

Knowledge Skills: Botany 3, Geology 3, Magic Theory 3, Magical Goods Value 6, Metallurgy 3, Snohomish Knowledge 4, Zoology 3

Uses: Magical items, magic-related information, street knowledge, additional contacts

Places to Meet: Green Nymph, Council Island medicine lodge, local coffee joint


From Seattle 2072, pg 106

224th Street SE & 49th Ave SE
Although lore stores are few and far between in Snohomish, the Green Nymph is one of Seattle’s best. Here, in a rustic atmosphere that will remind you of a fairy tale house in the woods, owner and proprietor Farshorn produces and sells a variety of magical supplies and goods. Specialty items are handmade and change regularly, so be sure to stop in and see the latest works by Farshorn and other local artisans and crafters.

  • Farshorn’s stuff is quality merchandise, but a lot of his success, in Snohomish of all places, is owed to fact that he also dispenses advice, spiritual counsel, and medical treatment along with selling his wares. Over the years, he has built up a relationship with the locals such that they’re more likely to come to him with a problem, injury or illness than they are to go to some clinic. He treats them all equally with herbal remedies, magical cures, and a sympathetic ear such that nobody cares that they’re pointed.
  • Lyran
  • I’ve also got say, having done the math. Farshorn is probably old enough to be my father (if not grandfather), having been in business in Snohomish for over thirty years. Hell, he delivered a lot of the adults who come to see him now. He doesn’t like to talk about his past, nut he has hinted that he was an Awakening baby. However, he still doesn’t look older than his early thirties and is still a fine-looking man.
  • Kat o’ Nine Tales


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