Skraacha gang lieutenant


Hez means fang in Or’zet, which he’s called because he only has one tusk (the other having been broken off in a fight years ago). He’s a Lieutenant in the Skraacha, and hates Topsiders, especially ones coming down looking for trouble.

Name: Hez
Faction: Skraacha
Sex/Race: Male ork
Connection Rating: 2
Loyalty: 1-6

B A R S C I L W Ess Edg Init IP Arm CM
7 4 5(7) 7 5 4 3 4 2.75 3 9(11) 1(3) 8/6 12

Key Active Skills: Atheletics Group 3, Close Combat Group 3, Dodge 3, Firearms Group 3, Influence Group 3, Perception 4

Knowledge Skills: Combat Bike League 4, Gang ID 5, Gang Territory 5, Ork Underground 6, Security Procedures 4, Smuggling Routes 4, Urban Brawl 4

Uses: Gang rumors, street rumors, Ork Underground news, security rumors, smuggling rumors

Places to Meet: Big Rhino, the Tourist Highway, Lordstrungs, the Gold Mine



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