Human Gun-Fu/Spy/Face Adept


Name: Yamamoto Chien-Lu
Street Name: Kaze
Age: 22
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Awakened?: Yes (‘Ninja’ Adept)
Street Cred: 14

Body 6 (7)
Agility 7 (8)
Reaction 7 (10)
Strength 6 (7)
Charisma 6
Intuition 6
Logic 6
Willpower 6
Edge 7
Magic 8
Essence: 5.1
Initiate Grade: 7

Adept Centering, Flexible Signature, Masking, +3 PP

Astral Perception, Commanding Voice, Eidetic Sense Memory, Facial Sculpt 2, Improved Reflexes 3*, Improved Senses* (Flare, Lowlight, Thermo, Vision Mag 3), Keratin Control, Kinesics 3*, Linguistics, Master of 1000 Faces, Melanin Control, Multitasking, Mystic Armor 4*, Sustenance, Voice Control

Assensing 6, Astral Combat 6, Athletics Group 6, Close Combat Group 6, Demolitions 3, Electronics Group 6, Firearms Group 6, Influence Group 6, Stealth Group 6, Armorer(Firearms) 6 (8), Dodge 6, Perception 6, Pilot Ground Vehicles 6

Krav Maga

English N, Chinese 4, Japanese 4, (Arabic, Bahasa, Czech, Egyptian, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Iqbo, Italian, Korean, Lagossian Cityspeak, Norse, Or’zet, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Sperethiel, Swahili, Tamil, Yoruba)all at 1

Conspiracies of the 6th World 1
Cooking 4
London Knowledge 1
Neo-Tokyo Knowledge 3
Seattle Knowledge 4
Seattle Ork Underground 1
Security Procedures 4
Underworld Crime Knowledge 4

Mystic Adept (10BP)
Surge II (10BP)(Metagenic Improvement: Agility)
Genetic Heritage (Ref)(10BP)
Erased (5BP)
Way of the Warrior
Walking the Way – Ninja

In Debt (35BP) – cleared
Surge II (Extravagant Eyes: Bright blue cat’s eyes; Unusual Hair: Red-gold)

Kaze’s Gear


Kaze’s Character Quiz

Uncle Kojiro (C6/L6): Male Elf Yakuza Former Runner Rigger, Armorer, Fixer, Tattoo Artist
The Exchange (C2/L2): Good Karma network
JackPoint (C4/L3): Shadowrunner network
Louie (C4/L1): Male Ork Fixer
Scarper (C4/L1): Male Human Rat Shaman, former runner
Cutters (C3/L1): Street gang (Jose, Ricardo)
Butch (C5/L3): Male Human Street Doc
Dae (C3/L1): Female Human Korean exotic dancer/fixer [Komun’go ties]
Jalal Zhubin (C1/L1): Male Human Iranian/Arabic Cab Driver
Haim (C1/L1): Male Human Bus Driver
Macallister (C5/L1): Male Ork fixer/hacker (aka Bull)
The Postman (C?/L1): Male Human runner Awakened
Rocky (C3/L1): Male Dwarf Rigger T-bird Pilot
Laurent Nazaire (C5/L1): Male Human Atlantean Foundation Seattle Head
Moreau (C4/L1): Male Human Draco Foundation Fixer
Theodore ‘Tosh’ Athack: Male Troll KE Special Crimes Division Detective
Pip (C1/L2): Male Ork 9yr old kid
Haz (C2/L2): Male Ork Skrat’cha contact
Paradox (C3/L2): Male Human Hacker (Technomancer)
‘Grandma’ (C3/L2): Elderly Female Ork @ St. Mary’s Hospice/Kitchen/School/Sanctuary
‘Junior’ (C4/L1): Free Spirit
Torini (C5/L2): Male Ork Philanthropist @ Ork Underground
‘Jaws’ (C3/L2): Male Ork Gator Shaman
Andrea Romani (C3/L2): Female Ork general store owner
Goblin Market (C2/L2): Bazaar in Ork Underground
Athena Tatoupoulous (C5/L1): Female Human Chief Editor for KSAF
Song of Somalia (C10/L1): Group contact Black Market Container Ship. Captain Rafiq, Purser Samid
Perianwyr (C4/L1): Male Dragon Underworld 93 owner and music producer
Kayyin (C5/L1): Male Human Hawala Information Broker in Lagos
Hippo Kojoli (C3/L2): Obese Male Ork Iqbo Fixer
Slane (C?/L1): Female Ork Fixer @ Tailspin
Brezwing (C?/L1): Loud Male Dwarf @ Tailspin
Tiger (C?/L1): Male Human T-bird Rigger
Tonelli (C4/L0): Male Human Fixer for discrete high end jobs


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