Kent, Kal El

Superman Prime


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Stat Base (Modified)
Body 2 (15)
Agility 2 (15)
Reaction 2 (15)
Strength 2 (15)
Charisma 2 (15)
Intuition 2 (15)
Logic 2 (15)
Willpower 2 (15)
Edge 5
Force 10

Initiative 4 (30)/(30)
Initiative Pass 2 (4)/(4)

Race Qualities
Astral Form
Banishment Resistance
Immunity to Normal Weapons

Active Skills
Counterspelling 1
Ritual Spellcasting 1
Spellcasting 6
Assensing 1
Perception 1

Languages & Knowledges
English N
Sperethiel 1
Magic Knowledge 1
Conspiracy Theories 1
Zen Meditation 1


Former Chaos Magician Jerome used to frequently summon a Spirit of Earth as his favoured spirit ally. The odd thing was that it always took the form of Superman (looking like Oliver Queen from Arrow). So much so that Jerome and Kal El entered into a Formula Pact for mutual benefit.

Everything went swimmingly well until Jerome went off on an artifact hunt not too long ago and suddenly winked out of existence. Right at the moment, Kal El was set free.

Kal has since taken up the name Kent and is slowly trying to make the world a ‘better’ place one bit at a time.

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Kent, Kal El

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