Laurent Nazaire

Male dwarf Atlantean Foundation fixer


Name: Laurent Nazaire
Faction: Atlantean Foundation
Sex/Race: Male dwarf
Connection Rating: 5
Loyalty: 1-3

Key Active Skills: Arcana 5, Assensing 5, Blades 3, Conjuring Skill Group 6, Computers 3, Dodge 3, Enchanting 3, Influence Skill Group 6, Perception 4, Pistols 2, Sorcery Skill Group 6

Knowledge Skills: Corporate Politics 4, Magic Theory 6, Magical Groups 5, Magical Phenomena 4, Parazoology 5, Security (Magical) 4 (6), Spirit Lore 4, Wines 5

Uses: Corporate Knowledge, Magical Knowledge, Magical Gear, Parazoology, Security Procedures, Seattle Shadow Scene

Places to Meet: Fine restaurants, exclusive night clubs


Material taken from Shadowrun Mission Contacts List Season 4

Laurent Nazaire is the head of the Seattle Atlantean Foundation branch. A Haitian dwarf with a French-Quebecois accent, he’s open, down-to-earth, and seemingly very honest. This makes many in the shadow community nervous because they don’t believe it, but thus far, no one has been able to dig up any dirt on him. He’s been a key figure in the Atlantean Foundation’s hunt for ancient magical artifacts, and he is almost obsessed in his quest to study these artifacts and discover everything about them. He knows that if the Draco Foundation gets their hands on the artifacts, they’ll lock them up tight away from the world, so he knows he needs to get to them first.

Laurent Nazaire

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