Louie the Fixer

a gruff cigar chomping ork with a penchant for trenchcoats and fedoras


Faction: Neutral
Male Ork
Connection Rating: 5
Loyalty: 1-4

Key Active Skills: Negotiation, Con, Etiquette

Knowledge Skills:

Uses: Jobs, Information, Buy/Sell Gear

Places to Meet:


Louie is a working shadowrunner’s fixer. He has extensive contacts, a tolerance for the shenanigans that some shadowrunners are known pull, and a regular stream of shadowruns of varying difficulties that he offloads to his regular clients. He’s known for being somewhat affable and available for calls 24/7.

Louie has extensive contacts with various megacorps and gets along well with the middle management of most of Seattle’s organised crime families. It’s an open secret that he attends a weekly poker game that includes a representative from each of the criminal factions. The poker game’s location is rotated and is known as a neutral forum for the factions’ lieutenants to iron out minor disputes without having to escalate things.

Louie the Fixer

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