The best ork decker/fixer you never met


Name: MacCallister
Faction: Ork Underground
Sex/Race: Male ork
Connection Rating: 5
Loyalty: 1-4

Key Active Skills: Biotech Skill Group 3, Cracking Skill Group 6, Electronics Skill Group 4, Influence Skill Group 4, Perception 4, Pistols 5 (Revolvers 7)

Knowledge Skills: 20th Century Sci-Fi 4, Computer Hardware 5, Computer Soft ware 5, Corporate Security 3, Insect Spirits 6, Matrix Security 4, Seattle Area 3, Police Procedures 3, Seattle Street Gangs 2, Seattle Politics 2, Shadowrunner Lore 6

Uses: Getting jobs, buying and fencing gear, street rumors

Places to Meet: Big Rhino, Underworld 93, Dante’s Inferno, higher end nightclubs and bars.


Material taken from Shadowrun Mission Contacts List, Season 4

Public Info: MacCallister is a former shadowrunner, an older ork and a “decker not a hacker, fraggit” in his own words. He ran the shadows for over a decade before retiring, and recently returned to Seattle to start a new career as a fixer, still carries his beat up ancient cyberdeck (With a modern bleeding edge commlink mounted inside the case), and he peppers his speech with out of date slang like “drek,” “frag,” and “hoop.” He’s confident and good natured. He has a ton of contacts in the shadow community and uses them to great effect. He’s been acting as the front man for the Metahuman rights groups for a couple months now, working toward legitimatizing the Ork Underground.

Secret Info: He starting operating as a fixer in the early part of 2072, and got involved with the copycat Mayan Cutter that showed up during the summer of ’72 when his daughter, Rebecca MacCallister, was one of the copycat’s victims.


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