Troubleshooter for the Draco Foundation


Name: Moreau
Faction: Draco Foundation
Sex/Race: Male human
Connection Rating: 4
Loyalty: 1-4

Key Active Skills: Animal Husbandry Group 6, Athletics Group 4, Automatics 6, Data Search 4, Dodge 4, Etiquette 5, Exotic Ranged Weapon (Dart Rifl e) 5, First Aid 3, Infiltration 4, Longarms 4, Negotiation 6, Perception 5, Pilot Ground Craft 4, Pistols 3

Knowledge Skills: Biology 4, Business 2, Corporate (MCT) 3 (5), Corporate Security 3, Criminal (Mafia) 3, Parazoology 5, Procedure (Border Patrols) 2 (4), Procedure (Security) 2(4), Security Design 4, Shadowrunner Hangouts 3

Uses: Parazoology, smuggling routes, security, fencing magical items, magical rumors

Places to Meet: The Docks, Bars, nightclubs


Material taken from Shadowrun Missions Contact List Season 4

A former company man and shadowrunner, Moraeu is an expert animal trainer and works as a fixer and trouble-shooter for the Draco Foundation. He’s been operating out of Seattle for several years, and while he’s the DF’s eyes and ears in the shadows, keeping an eye on the artifact trade coming in and
out of the city, he still does some personal side business from time to time.

Moraeu is sarcastic and world-weary. He’s seen it and done it all, and often finds the antics of younger shadowrunners tired and cliché, and isn’t afraid to tell them so.


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