Pip’s parents were chipheads who weren’t able to deal with being poor and forgotten in the Underground. One day they jacked in, and never jacked back out, leaving Pip on his own. Despite his tender age of only 9, he’s seen some of the worst metahumanity has to offer, and it hasn’t crushed his spirits yet. He’s got the enthusiasm of youth, and he’s well-liked by many of the Underground’s residents and is a common sight on the Tourist Highway where he offers his services up as a tour guide.

Name: Pip
Faction: Ork Underground
Sex/Race: Male ork
Connection Rating: 1
Loyalty: 1-6

B A R S C I L W Ess Edge Init IP Arm CM
3 2 3 2 5 4 2 3 6 5 7 1 0/0 10

Key Active Skills: Athletics Group 3, Con (Fast Talk) 2 (4), Etiquette (Street) 3 (5), Navigation (Ork Underground) 3 (5), Negotiation 3, Stealth Group 3, Throwing Weapons 3

Knowledge Skills: Combat Biker 2, Ork Underground 5, Urban Brawl 2, Urban Legends 4


Places to Meet:



The Railroad Job redthirst