Professor Alexa Durrant

Mentor of Juliet Salazar in Seattle University


Name: Professor Alexa Durrant
Faction: Benandanti XXV [Street Magic, pg 70]
Sex/Race: Female Dwarf
Connection Rating: 1 (secretly 4, using her Magical Group contacts)
Loyalty: 1-4

Key Active Skills: Arcana 5, Artisan 3, Assensing 6, Astral Combat 4, Biotech Skill Group 2, Conjuring Skill Group 4, Dodge 3, Enchanting 3, Firearms Skill Group 1, Influence Skill Group 3, Instruction 4, Perception 5, Sorcery Skill Group 5

Knowledge Skills: Anthropology 5, Archeology 5, Magical Phenomena 4, Magical Theory 5, Mythology 4, Spirit Lore 4

Uses: Fencing, indentification, ancient history

Places to Meet: Bazaar, Soybucks, library, Seattle University


Alexa Durrant is a lifelong seeker of magical knowledge and the former mentor of Juliet Salazar, aka Dice, during her undergraduate days in Seattle University. Of French descent, she grew up in Quebec but studied at Charles University in Prague after her magical abilities Awakened.

With her curious nature and comprehensive knowledge of magical theory and traditions, Alexa excelled in her studies and caught the eye of Schwartkopf, the great dragon behind the Charles University. Just before her graduation, she was offered a place as one of his Benandanti Travelers and she gladly accepted. After her graduation, she stayed on at Charles University for a few years as a faculty member and assisted her initiatory group on various projects.

In 2067, she transferred to Seattle University as a visiting professor to be closer to the the shadow scene, knowing that Seattle’s criminal underground was a treasure trove of magical and artifact knowledge. After she arrived, she quickly established her credentials as a respected academic and published several papers advancing cutting edge magical theories. She also quietly established ties with several talismongers and smugglers so that she could keep an eye on the underground magical community in Seattle.

She met Juliet Salazar in late 2067 and was impressed by her keen mind and willingness to learn. Taking Juliet under her wing, she kept an eye on her as a potential recruit for the Benandanti XXV, even though her shamanic tradition ran counter to the Benandanti’s hermetic roots. With Juliet as her research assistant, in the course of 4 years, Alexa established herself as the foremost expert on magical and artifact lore in Seattle University.

Knowing Juliet’s aptitude in the magical arts, she quietly encouraged her to take up employment in one of the major corps that took notice of her protege’s progress. So she was quite surprised that Juliet spurned the offers from NEONet, Telestrian and Ares. She was even more suprised when she heard rumors that there was new combat shaman on the shadow scene, just after Juliet disappeared. Alexa now keep a close eye on the shadows to see what her former assistant is up to.

Professor Alexa Durrant

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