Saint James

Professional British fixer


Name: Saint James / The Saint
Faction: Neutral
Sex/Race: Male human
Connection Rating: 4
Loyalty: 1-4

Key Active Skills: Athletics Skill Group 3, Biotech Skill Group 2, Close Combat Skill Group 4, Demolitions 4, Dodge 3, Electronics Skill Group 3, Firearms Skill Group 4, Hacking Skill Group 3, Influence Skill Group 4, Perception 6, Stealth Skill Group 3

Knowledge Skills: Security Procedures 6, Denver Knowledge 4, Corporate Politics 4, National Politics 4, Psychology 4, Smuggler Routes 4, Espionage Tradecraft 4

Uses: Smuggling routes, espionage knowledge, contact base, corporate rumors, national rumors.

Places to Meet: High-end clubs, quiet restaurants, discreet hotel lobbies, public parks, seaside piers


Saint James is a relatively new fixer to the Seattle scene; he appeared in Emerald City in 2070. Before this, he was a shadowrunner and bodyguard to a successful fixer in Denver. When that fixer was forcibly retired, he decided to make a go of the business, changing his base of operations to Seattle. Since then he’s been surprisingly successful; his clipped British accent and impeccable manners coupled with his charisma and negotiating skills have enabled him to make his deals quite profitable – and his shadowrunning abilities and contacts have let him make sure the deals are kept.

Saint James

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