Big Book of Contacts

These are possible Seattle contacts culled from the various books available from Shadowrun 4th Edition. You guys can use them to tie your characters closer to the official SR world and for flavor.

They’ve been grouped according to type and the appropriate sources (if available) have been cited if you wanna do some reading up. No stats have been given to them, but we could work something out if you wanna use them.

Possible Fixers
Reno, owner of Reno’s, a biker bar. Former combat biker and Desert Wars merc vet.
Location: Downtown, Battery Street & Fourth
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 60

Dae, human Korean escort with links to local gangs and organized crime. Works at Tickler’s, an independant strip joint popular with Downtown working clas and visiting suits.
Location: Downtown, Aiki Avenue SW
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 63

Sweet William, flamboyant gay troll. Hangs out at the Powerline, one of the Metroplex’s premier sex clubs.
Location: Downtown, Market Street & 17th Avenue
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 71

Abe Heap, retired shadowrunner and owner of Basil’s Faulty Bar.
Location: Tacoma, Westgate Boulevard & Pearl Street
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 74

Casey Connors, owner of the Cathode Glow, a popular bar hangout for tech geeks.
Location: Tacoma, Sixth Avenue & North Cedar Street
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 74

Cassandra van Vieck, owner/teacher of the Tacoma Nybbles & Bytes, a provider of Hermetic supplies, accoutrements and electronic information.
Location: Tacoma, 4020 South Steele Street
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 80

Alex Harrison, independant entrepreneur and owner of the Shangri-La casino and Garden of Eden hotel.
Location: Everett, Evergreen Way & Route 526
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 83

Risa, a female vampire that works at Danny’s Bar & Grill, a Mafia operated cathouse and gambling den.
Location: Everett, Beverly Lane & Barbara Lane
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 84

Jenny Ebey, proprietor of Ebey’s Bar in Exile, a popular hangout for shadow-types.
Location: Everett, Beverly Park Road & Gibson Road
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 84

Vic Dullex, chef and owner of The Gravity Bar. Knows many people in the shadow biz, city officials and visiting celebs.
Location: Everett, 88th Street SW
Source: Seattle 2072 pg 86

(to be continued)

Big Book of Contacts

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