Character Wiki

For additional details and administrative paperwork for all Player Characters.

The Crew

guys follow Winter’s link for a basic template

Myrad – Ork Face?Rigger?Samurai? with ties to the Finnegan Family

Kaze – Asian Human Adept of the Way of the Ninja and has a mysterious past with the Watada Rengo

Dice – Elven?Human? Mystic Adept who’s a party animal and a bon vivant through and through

Mist – Undercover Knight Errant Officer disavowed by circumstances, trying to clear her name as a shadowrunner

Link – teenaged Technomancer, as brilliant as he is ADD.

Winter – British Hermetic running away from his past

Atlas ??

Shooter – Ork mercenary adept, formerly of the 10K Daggers

Smoke – Elven B&E specialist

Crew Information

(you guys are going to need a crew name)

Standard Operating Protocols

Character Wiki

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