Updated 13th March 2013
Juliet Salazar (Official SIN, secret)
Dice (Street Handle)
Susan Myers (Fake SIN)

Publicly Known Info:
Dice first appeared in the shadows in April of 2072, making a name for herself as a solid and dependable combat shaman. She is initiated and her aura is difficult to assense due to her innate abilities. Her spells and summoned spirits strongly indicate that she follows the Norse tradition. She does not advertise her Asatru roots. Dice works with a semi-regular crew comprising of Myrad, Kaze and Myst.

Secret OOC Info:
Juliet Salazar was born to Alex Tintagel, a former Ghost captain, and Brennan Salazar, an ex-Telestrian Industries neurosurgeon. Tintagel is the head of personal security for Lugh Surehand and followed him into exile after being deposed as High Prince of Tir Tairngire. Juliet is the youngest of 3 sisters and followed her mother Brennan in taking her maiden name. This helps to obscure the family’s relations to Tintagel. Juliet graduated from Seattle University with a Masters in Magical Theory and Arts in 2071. She graduated top of her class and was offered positions in NeoNET, Telestrian Industries and Ares, but she declined all of them.

Juliet retreated from the public eye in December 2071. She is generally known as a recluse and rarely receives visitors at her home in Snohomish. She sometimes corresponds with Professor Alexa Durrant and sometimes acts as a consultant to Seattle University.

“Dude, check out that chica. She’s HAWT!!!”
“They say she’s going out with Leroy Sanders. Lucky him!”
“She’s an elf?! You gotta be frakking kiddin me! Her ears aren’t pointy!”
“Goddammit! Why do all my photos of her turn out blurry?!”

Vital Stats

Age: 23
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 63 kg
Hair: Honey blonde
Eyes: Blue
Metatype: Elf, but looks human
Awakened: Yes (Norse tradition)


Street Name: Dice
Known Aliases: Susan Myers
Street Cred: 14(26)
Notoriety: 0(6)
Public Awareness: 4

Common Pools

Composure: 13 dice
Judge Intentions: 13 dice
Memory: 10 dice

Despite being an elf, Dice appears mostly human. The only indications of her nobilis metatype are her height and her intense personal magnetism. She has an extensive wardrobe and is often seen dressed in the latest street fashions. Her bearing and social skills also allow her to interact in the higher circles of society. During missions, she is often dressed in form-fitting body armor under clothes that fit the situation.

Personal Plot Hooks and Goals
Establish herself as a legitimate and discreet asset.
Develop her personal contact base and info-gathering abilities.
Find any rumors on the whereabouts of her father, Alex Tintagel.
Protect her family in Portland from any threats.

Louie the Fixer, male ork fixer [C3/L1]
Farshorn, male elf proprietor of the “Green Nymph” lorestore in Snohomish, Seattle 2072 pg 106 [C3/L2]
Professor Alexa Durrant, female dwarf, former mentor in Seattle Uni and expert in magical and occult lore [C3/L4]
Leroy Sanders, male human star pitcher for the Seattle Seahawks [C3/L4]
Scarper, elderly male human homeless Rat shaman who stays in Downtown park [C2/L2]
Phyllis, male dwarf identity hacker [C3/L1]
Betsy and Betty Ross, ork razorgirls who work as bodyguards to a fixer [C2/L1]
Saint James, male human British professional fixer [C4/L2]
Dae, female human Korean fixer/stripper who works out of Tickler’s [C3/L1]
The Postman {C5/L1]
MacAllister, old male ork decker/fixer [C5/L5]
Moraeu, human male troubleshooter for the Draco Foundation [C4/L1]
Detective Theodore “Tosh” Athack, male troll KE Special Crimes officer [C3/L3]
Laurent Nazaire, male dwarf leader of the Atlantean Foundation branch in Seattle [C5/L1]
Hez, male ork lieutenant to the Skraacha [C2/L1]
Pip, young male ork street urchin guide [C1/L2]
Grandma, old female ork shaman that runs St Mary’s [C3/L2]
Andrea Romani, middle-aged female ork general store owner in the Goblin Market [C3/L2]
Jaws, middle-aged male ork Gator shaman [C3/L2]
The Goblin Market, group contact [C2/L2]
Junior, Free Spirit with an interest in the Seattle Ork Underground [C3/L1]
Johnathan Torrini, male ork club owner and philanthropist [C4/L1]
Athena Tatopoulos, female(?) chief editor of KSAF [C5/L2]
Technicolor Wings, (Group Contact: Membership +6, Influence +6, Magic +1, Matrix +1) [C4/L2]
Innocent Dobiri, old male human African bush pilot [C3/L1]
Kayin, middle-aged human Afriacn hawala/info broker [C4/L1]
Cheerful Ogbena, old dour human African general store owner [C2/L1]
Amadi Aggrey, old human African woman, Priestess of Orishako [C2/L1]
Osayi Ibe, middle-aged dwarf arms dealer [C4/L1]
Oni Adegoke, middle-aged Yoruban king and antiquities collector [C4/L1]
Hippo Kojoli, middle-aged obese Igbo ork fixer [C3/L1]
Frosty, elven(?) mage(?) shadowrunner [C5/L1]
Dr. Fiona Craig, elven archanoarcheologist [C2/L2]

Adept Abilities:
Astral Perception (1 × 0.5= 0.5)
Combat Sense 4 (2 × 0.5= 1)
Commanding Voice (0.25)
Facial Sculpt 1 (0.25)
Improved Reflexes 3 (4 × 0.5= 2)
Keratin Control (0.5)
Linguistics (0.25)
Master of 1000 Faces (0.5)
Melanin Control (0.5)
Sustenance (0.25)

Languages Known:
English N
French 1
German 1
Hebrew 1
Igbo 1
Inuit 1
Irish Gaelic 1
Japanese 1
Kiswahili 1
Korean 1
Lagos City Speak 1
Latin 1
Mandarin 1
Norse 4
Or’zet 1
Portuguese 1
Russian 1
Salish 1
Sanskrit 1
Sioux 1
Spanish 1
Sperethiel 4
Yoruba 1

Dice’s Character Sheet

Dice’s Gear

Dice’s Character Quiz

Dice’s Karma Log

Dice’s Bound Spirits

Dice’s Spell List


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