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The Railroad Job is a Shadowrun campaign set at the start of 2072, it is intended as a sandbox style game where the players are free to pursue their own goals within certain guidelines.

  1. The campaign is run on a persistent world concept, NPCs have their own lives, motivations, abilities, and opposition is not moderated for the PCs.
  2. Players are expected to create characters familiar with the shadowrunning lifestyle unless granted special permission by the GM.
  3. A certain level of proactivity is expected rather than conforming to the “run of the week” format. eg. planning your own heists, getting even, advancing your standing within a crime family.
  4. Pink Mohawk vs Black Trench coat. Pink Mohawk refers to a style of play that is more campy action movie (Kill Bill, Austin Powers) while Black Trench coat is more (Bourne Identity). We will strive for a Black Trench coat style of play but allow for the occasional cool moment a la hong kong gun fu etc.


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