The Minutemen


The Minutemen are an initiatory group organized to help its members advance in the magical arts and offering magical support for the good of the community. There are no strict requirements for entry, but members are generally already active in helping out various organizations and help groups.

1) Dice
2) Kaze
3) Myst
4) Farshorn, elf male magician of the Path of the Wheel
5) Scarper, old human Rat shaman that lives around Freeway Park in Downtown Seattle
6) Jaws, middle-aged ork Gator shaman in the Ork Underground
7) Grandma, elderly ork Snake shaman in the Ork Underground
8) Mama Pani, middle-aged human Hindu magiacian
9) Junior, male animus free spirit living in the Ork Underground

1) Belief – Help the community, especially in training young magically active
2) Fraternity
2) Oath

Street. Members provide their own materials.

The Minutemen

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