Thomas Winter

Known Info: Newly arrived in Seattle, Winter is a Hermetic mage. He speaks with a distinct British accent and his speech is interlaced with military and law enforcement jargon that indicates a past familiarity with both professions.

Rumors: “Omae, that Winter scares me, he slings high powered spells without so much as a bead of sweat, that ain’t natural.” “Chummer, you won’t believe what his aura looks like unless you see it for yourself.”

OOC Background info" Winter was born to British gentry and entered Cambridge where he read Thamauturgical Studies. Raised in a tradition of public service, he joined the Lord Protector’s Office and served in the Oversight Board where the atrocities he committed in the name of “King and Country” took it’s gradual toll.

In 2067, while investigating a cabal of Blood magicians in London, Winter manifested his drake form for the first time when the blood spirit the cabal summoned went on a murderous rampage. The only survivors were Winter, his partner Charles Markham and the SAS fire-team attached to them. Knowing he would be incarcerated and subjected to intense testing for the good of the Kingdom, Winter fled.

Utilizing skills honed in the LPO, Winter evaded hunters while desperately searching for information on his condition. He ultimately fled to Prague and accepted the Great Dragon Schwartzkopf’s offer to join Benandanti XXV.

in 2071, Winter moved to Seattle, seeing it as the ideal ground for him to hone his magical skills while operating as a shadowrunner.


  • Apart from Schwartzkopf, no one else in Benandanti XXV is aware that Winter is a drake.
  • Winter is not yet one of Schwartzkopf‘s drakes, although he is one of the Great Dragon’s agents. The Dragon would prefer it so, however it has remarked that Winter’s resemblance to Ghostwalker makes things complicated.
  • Winter is a Western Drake dracoform with scale patterning that bears an uncanny resemblance to Ghostwalker’s own scale patterns.

Vital Stats

Age: 30
Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 75 kg
Hair: White
Eyes: Ice-Blue Silver
Metatype: Human
Awakened: Yes (Hermetic Mage)


Street Name: Winter
Known Aliases:
Street Cred:
Public Awareness: 0

Common Pools

Composure: 18
Judge Intentions: 18
Memory: 19


Personal Plot Hooks and Goals

  • Establish himself in Seattle
  • Make sure the LPO isn’t still looking for him
  • Hide from the Great Dragons

Winter’s Gear


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