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Welcome to the Shadowrun Campaign

This is the homepage for our Shadowrun Campaign, we’re a bunch of players based in Singapore and if you’re interested in Shadowrun and live in the area, please! drop us a line!

13 March 2013 update GM Feedback

Woohoo! We’ve been playing for almost a year now!

Our obsidian portal page is growing with more and more wikis coming up, I guess the forums is a bust, not very awesome, but our facebook group more than covers that gap

Here’s my list of priorities for the moment.

Contacts and NPCs list
Character Creation Guidelines
Character Wiki
Standard Operating Protocols
Downtime Administration
Seattle Wiki with any deviations this campaign may have with canon.

If anybody wants to try their hand at documenting some of our past sessions, feel free in the adventure log session. Karma will be awarded!

The Railroad Job

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