The Railroad Job

Off to see the wonderful wizard...NOT

Omae, don’t get me wrong, but writing down exploits is a sure way to piss off Johnsons and bring bad karma.

What? Ohhhh, you want the rep to garner more runs… Riiiight… So off we go then

Dice managed to data search the location where we could ‘link’ up. It’s an apartment building on the border of downtown Seattle. No other information forthcoming at the time though.

Ok, we set off in the van, all squashed up and cozy to go rescue the missing ‘link’. (Though personally, I look at it as dealing with our weakest ‘link’.)

The new guy Shooter seems to know his job so I think having another warm body in the way is a good thing. He will hereby be designated in my contact list under the NOT A LIABILITY column though I might be jumping the gun.

We get there, and Postman has gotten us a B&E guy for shits & giggles. Smoke he calls himself. Driving up all fancy like on a BMW bike in the bad part of town. Bad idea. But I’m not here to babysit. So.

Shooter got Myrad to scope out the sewage route to the building, while Myst and Dice went topside for a better view. They managed to spot a sniper covering the approaches, so good work at that.

Shooter went down the tunnels, but kinda got held up by a nest of devil rats. He went the long way around, though for a guy named Shooter, he really doesn’t seem to shoot. Managed to find the correct egress point, and found a service entrance with a SUV parked down the alley from it.

Meanwhile, Postman decided to throw a challenge at Smoke & me. ‘Impress me’ he said. Oooookay. I decided to ghost while Smoke went for the hobo look. We got made though, cos lo & behold! Sniper No. 2! Managed to spot that sucker after we broke contact.

Sitrep at this time. Two snipers covering approaches to building. SUV parked close to building. Service entrance found. No way to scan in cos Wifi-damped. Postman found out that building is Renraku property with all associated 0-tolerance. Oops. Looks like mommy & daddy wants to ‘link’ up. Dice so informed Postman about the ‘link’ with Renraku.

Action plan: Myst to counter-snipe. Postman & Dice to magic overwatch. The rest of us formed Team 1 and did a B&E, clearing out the nest of rats as an added bonus. Smoke and Myrad disabled the service entrance and in we went.

Dice sent a spirit to suss out the missing ‘link’, and reported a basement location with FOUR other unknowns. Myrad and Smoke on ground floor overwatch while Shooter and I plan to make our grand entrance, with a little boom boom to start the party.

What happens next? Omae, you won’t believe the shit…



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