The Railroad Job


Afternoon Chummers, Myrad <ouch> here,
Got to be careful, the wounds are still tender.
I know, you are wondering what’s with the bandages, and doesn’t Dice usually patch people up pretty well.
Well today, Dice is the one who really needs patching right now, but a couple of up still have our bullet holes in us.

So what went wrong? Honestly, nothing! Its just the biz.

We has staked out the place, which the Postman had discovered was a Renraku safe house. Shooter found us a back door. Smoke tried to hack the electronics before he passed over to me.
Its weird that, they had a maglock with anti-taper devices, encrypted and data-bombed the lock so much, that I couldn’t sneeze in the node without setting alarms. And then? Then they put a paint tin with rocks on the door-jam to act as backup. High tech and stoneage tech on the same door!
Anyway, we are in.

Smoke and my Doberman watch the entrance while Shooter, Kaze and yours truly head down to the basement. Shooter is kicking on one of the doors just as a two Red Samurai patrol walks in front of Smoke.

Things get a bit chaotic then.

Over in ground floor, the Samurai try to take cover and hold a firefight with Smoke and the Doberman. Hello! Brainpower here! There is a drone with a LMG pumping APDS, and you try to take cover behind the wall! They give those Samurai some big armour and the guns are not bad (Smoke took a burst to the chest, it hurt). But after a few seconds they realised they were beat and fell back.

Downstairs, Shooter and Kaze dropped a couple of Sam’s and found Link. They stuck the kid into a Faraday Cage? Why didn’t the Renraku’s just grab his comlink off him? Hold that a moment chummer, its just come to me.

  • Link in a cage to block Wi-fi
  • Link doesn’t have a datajack which is a standard implant when you get a headware radio
  • Means, my money is on Link being one of those weird fraggers who doesn’t need a comlink
    Ok, that would fit the facts.

Doesn’t explain why he is so annoying, unless he thinks he is better than us, like some of the cocky teen mages.

Anyway, the guys have found Link, and its looking good when the boiler room falls off its hinges as a Steel Lynx rolls over the door. Its about three meters from me and there is an LMG aimed my way. DREK
The Samurai behind it, fires his assault rifle/battle rifle at me (I didn’t have time to spot what it was, I was getting out of the way) and plugs me good. Double DREK! After that I just arrowed the drone and Sam, and took off up the stairs.

Hey spare me the ‘Hero stands and fights on’ drek. I’m not a combat machine who can take down a Lynx with my Ares Predator, I’m a rigger/support. I was outclassed, and it was a run or die choice. I made the right call.

The real combat machines (Kaze and Shooter), took down the Lynx with a few bursts of fire, and the Samurai tries to hunker down. Until Kaze gets to him. They grab Link, (who seemed drugged, but still refusing to shut up), and fell back.

On the rooftops, Mist takes down two snipers with two bursts of her Barrett (I had to watch the feed twice to be sure, she shot two snipers who were about half a click apart in less than 2 seconds!)

A couple of Samurai somehow spot Dice on the nearby building and pump her full of bullets. I have no idea how they managed to spot her, but they did and she’s in a bad way right now.

Needless to say, Mist was not happy and they didn’t last much longer.

Around now a T-Bird is coming down out of the clouds. And everyone is in ‘get the frak out of dodge’ mode. I RC the van to the pickup point and we pile in. Smoke and I are bleeding freely. Dice doesn’t have enough blood left to bleed freely. Somehow (not sure how), the Postman RAN down the side of the building (weird shit).

Mission accomplished, we got Link. It hurt, and I don’t think the van was spotted.

But if Links a techno goon, where does that put us? And how do we crack his brain to get the data?


Right now, Mist and I are calling dibs on who gets to peel Link like a banana to get to the pay data. So what if he starts bleeding? He should have thought of that before joining the biz


2 karma awarded!


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